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Bunny Wailer
July 14, 2002

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Bunny Wailer Interview - July 14, 2002
running time: 41:11  
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The 'living legend' Bunny Wailer reasons with Ireggae about the many Solomonic projects currently underway.  These include a full-scale release of "Communication", along with a massive CD/DVD Anthology.  Bunny is also completing 2 other new albums: "Reggae Rebel" and "Crossover", the latter of which will include hip-hop versions of songs which appeared on "Just Be Nice".  

The 3-time Grammy winner also talks about politics and his current single "Labourite & PNP".  Solomonic has been reclaiming Bunny's prior works, and has linked up with Barry York in the hopes of delivering all of musical offerings to the massive on a wide-scale basis.

"People have to come to realize that the father created us for each other, and until we understand that we are going to make a whole heap of problems out of differences instead of accepting the privileges of similarities because we are all of the human family."

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