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Iley Dread
October 19, 2001

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Iley Dread Interview - October 19, 2001
running time: 34:35  
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Kings of Kings record label president and recording artist Iley Dread (aka Colin Levy) speaks with Ireggae about the current Kings of Kings Family Tour which features Bushman, Norris Man, Chrisinti, Iley Dread and Nikki BurtIley discusses his early recordings for the Bulleyes label, and how he turned to production work after the tragic death of Bevin Jackson.

Now based in Toronto, Iley has recently decided to concentrate on his singing career with the release of his new album "A Friend For Life".   This Kings of Kings production is being distributed by VP Records and contains 18 crucial selections several of which were previously released as singles in Jamaica.  

"There's a message in our song, and it's a message of love.  For we need more love.  More brotherly love.  More divine love.  The greatest commandment in the bible is to love thy brothers and sisters as thou lovest thy self, and to love thy god with all thy heart.  So we are really out here preaching love."   Iley Dread

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Iley Dread inna San Francisco- Photo by Daniel Frankston

Iley Dread - Photo Courtesy of Vermont Reggae Fest

Iley Dread -  Photo Courtesy of Kings of Kings Iley Dread - Photo Courtesy of Kings of Kings

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