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Lymmie Murray
November 20, 2010

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running time: 48:27  
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Lymie Murray speaks with Ireggae about his four albums released to date as well as recounting some of the scores of songs he has lent his background vocal and production skills to for other artists. 

Lymie also reasons about his recent visits to Northern California and how he linked up with I Dwell Records for his latest CD release "Deeper Roots."  Lymie is currently doing several California shows with fellow Jamaicans Perfect and Kulcha Knox. 

With a masterful voice and some blessed new releases, look for many more good things from Lymie Murray in the months to come.  

"Love your self.  Because you can't have love for me if you don't love your self first.  You can't get to where you want to go if you don't first believe in yourself.  " - Lymie Murray

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