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Macka B
April 22, 2004

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Macka B Interview - April 22, 2004
running time: 56:10  
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Macka B reasons with Ireggae about the inspirations for many of the songs on his latest release "By Royale Command".   All About The Youths is a selection that describes how the youths are being victimized by today's society. The song "Spiritual Vibration" provides a springboard for discussions about death, universal consciousness and the livity of rastafari. 

Macka B also talks about how he linked up with The Royale Roots Band and the wonderful vibes they create together in concert and in the studio.  Macka B, who is just finishing up his next album, speaks of the contributions of Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey and Nelson Mandela. He also reflects on who empowered Al Qaeda and who was the first to give Saddam Hussein weapons of mass destruction.  

"Me notice say everything dem have war pon, it suddenly increase.  You have war pon crime.   Crime a get more and more everyday.  Prisons dem a get more and more full up.   You have war pon drugs.  There is more drugs now than ever before.  So when me hear say dem ago have war pon terror, me say 'alright, so dem ago increase the terror'.  Mek we have peace pon crime.  Make we have peace pon terror instead of the war thing.  Because war perpetrates war.  War is not the answer, war is like a cancer.  It just causes more war, more disease, more hatred."

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