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Misty In Roots
February 20, 2005

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running time: 38:59  
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Misty In Roots lead singer Poko reasons with Ireggae about how he and his brother Delvin Tyson left St. Kitts to start a band in England that eventually ended up becoming Nicky Thomas.  Poko talks about the South Hall region where the People's Unite Cooperative was formed and became a musical commune.  Poko discusses the substantial involvement of Misty In Roots in the Rock Against Racism campaign.  

On the eve of their very first performance ever in the United States, Poko reflects on the long history of Misty In Roots, including the time they spent in Africa, their numerous "John Peel Sessions", and their hopes of bringing their brand of roots music to America. 

"To me, the roots music is a spiritual form of music.  Whereupon a man know it, where he is at within the scheme of things.  Whereupon we see our self from the roots, which as we know is Africa.  And we are a part of the roots all the way.  Although we are living abroad, we are within the African lineage.  So roots to us, means that we check for Africa.  We deal with the spiritual side and the physical part of Africa.  That is roots." - Poko   

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