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July 3, 2003

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Nasio Interview - July 3, 2003
running time: 25:38  
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Nasio reasons with IREGGAE.COM about his brand new album 'Living In The Positive'.  Just released on the newly formed 'Higher Love' record label, this CD continues the classic Nasio roots vibes that resounded so strongly on 'Reggae Power' and 'Revolution'.

Nasio discusses his upbringing in Dominica, and the struggles of the native Whitikubull (Carib Indian) to resist the colonialists.  Nasio also discusses aid being cut off to Dominica because of the Caribbean nation's refusal to exempt the United States from prosecution for War Crimes. 

Professor Skank's February 27, 1999 Interview of Nasio

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Nasio burst onto the reggae scene several years ago with the release of his mesmerizing initial CD 'Reggae Power'.   His livity and commitment to excellence are revealed on his much anticipated new release  'Revolution'.   This CD ranks amongst the best of this year and decade, and is a must for all conscious reggae followers.

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