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Qshan Dia
September 14, 2001

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Qshan Dia Interview - September 14, 2001
running time: 40:15  
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Qshan Dia reasons with Ireggae about being born and raised in St. Vincent.  He did some singing in local venues there prior to relocating to New York in 1996.  It was a performance in Brooklyn by Luciano that inspired Qshan to livicate his life to Rastafari and to pursue a musical career. 

Qshan also discusses the song 'God's Identification' that appears on his debut album Journey.  Released by J&D Music earlier this year, Journey includes 12 crucial tracks including combinations with Richie Spice and Yami BoloQ is currently on a tour of North America with Anthony B and the Star Trail Family.

"Rastafari taught us to live in love, peace and harmony.  And that's the key to life, the key to tranquility.  And in order for our souls to be redeemed, we've gotta be one.  So whether you are Spanish, African, Asian or French, let us come together as one.  Because together we stand and divided we fall."

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