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Queen Ifrica
July 26, 2005

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Queen Ifrica Interview - July 26, 2005
running time: 30:44  
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Queen Ifrica reasons with Ireggae about her current West Coast tour alongside Tony Rebel that culminates with her second appearance at Reggae On The River. She discusses how her performance at a Garnett Silk tribute in 1998 led to her becoming a part of the Flames Production family.

From her initial release of "Royal Love" through to the present, Queen Ifrica has always kept her music strictly conscious, which is rare in dancehall music these days.   The 'Raging Lioness' elaborates on songs like "Randy" and "No Love Again" decrying the current situation in Jamaica in which guns and violence are rampant. 

Queen Ifrica speaks of how inspired she feels when she sees the great influence her father (ska legend Derrick Morgan) has had on people all over the world. 

"Yeah, we know the world is made up of positive and negative energies.   But in the end, we know that positive is the one that will be standing out predominant. So we want to be on that side." - Queen Ifrica   

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