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Queen Omega
May 30, 2002

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Queen Omega Interview - May 30, 2002
running time: 41:17  
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Queen Omega reasons with Ireggae about her experiences growing up in Trinidad and how she began singing at an early age.   At just nine years of age, Queen Omega won first prize for performing a calypso song she had written herself.  She discusses the background vocals she did in Trinidad prior to recording the single 'Babylon Bus' in 2000.  This recording, and her subsequent performance at the 2000 Caribbean Music Expo, led Queen Omega into the Green House Family, who recently released her powerful self-entitled debut album.  

Queen Omega talks about the process she used to fuse her potent cultural lyrics with updated versions of outstanding roots rhythms to produce the strong vibe that permeates throughout the album.  Queen Omega also speaks of the recordings she did on her recent visit to Jamaica.  In listening to the depth of her reasonings about rastafari and the important role that her spirituality occupies, it is astonishing to think that Queen Omega has not yet reached 21 years of age.

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