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Ras Midas
June 16, 2004

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Ireggae sits down for an extensive interview with reggae legend Ras Midas who discusses how he got started singing and was introduced to Harry J at the young age of 14.  Midas speaks of his relationship with Sylvan Morris and the 3 albums released by Harry J.

Ras Midas talks about some of the tribulations that he has witnessed in his more than 30 years of recording reggae music.  Midas reasons about his decision to release his latest works independently on JML Records.  He also reflects on the livity of Rastafari and his belief as to why reggae music has never been wildly accepted in the African-American community.

"I am just singing what everyday people go through.   The environment we are living in so that people can take a look deep down inside and see if they recognize the same thing that I recognize.  And through that, we can have a dialog of unity and communication and to see how we can make today a better day within our selves." 

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