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Roots Natty
July 2, 2002

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Roots Natty Interview - July 2, 2002
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Roots Natty (Max Rivera) reasons with Ireggae about his debut album Rasta Resiste (The Living Dread), and how he linked up with Errol Brown and Chinna Smith for this recording. Rasta Resiste was recorded in Jamaica using some of reggae finest musicians.      

Born in Puerto Rico, Max speaks of when he moved to Costa Rica to escape the island's concrete and pursue his love of surfing.   It was there that he was called into the culture of rastafari. One day, Jah called Roots Natty to bring the message of Rastafari and reggae music to his native island. He returned to Puerto Rico and formed the band Roots Natty in 1995.

Roots Natty discusses the growth of the rastafari community in Puerto Rico, and their efforts to resist futher commercial development of the island.  He also discusses the "colonial" status of Puerto Rico and the people's struggles with Vieques.

"It's been a long time already.  The resistance has started.  The opressers are pretending to mislead and twist the movement.  Rasta Resiste"

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Roots Natty Tour Dates:

Date Location Venue
September 21, 2002 Fairfax, CA Fairfax World Music Festival
September 22, 2002 Santa Cruz, CA Moe's Alley
September 24, 2002 Santa Cruz, CA Moe's Alley
September 28, 2002 Foresthill, CA Renegade Festival - Morning Star Lake
October 5, 2002 Bend, OR Bend Fall Festival
October 8, 2002 Berkeley, CA Blake's on Telegraph
October 12, 2002 Fairfax, CA 19 Broadway
October 21, 2002 Santa Cruz, CA Moe's Alley

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