How to use gauge in a sentence. The word gauge is also used to indicate the distance between the parallel tracks in railways. Synonyms for strong interest include attraction, beguilement, captivation, enchantment, enthrallment, fascination, obsession, passion, thing for and infatuation. Increase interest synonyms and Increase interest antonyms. The first is a shortened version of the word greengage, which is a … If you are English then no. I believe gage is the wrong word for my question. According to Merriam-Webster which I quoted (and is a respected American dictionary) you could 'gage interest'. Example sentences with the word gauge. You "gauge interest", I don't think that you "gage interest" – Stephan Aug 6 '15 at 21:54. gage vs. gauge Synonym Discussion of gauge. Antonyms for gauging. As you can clearly see, gage, in all of these senses, is pretty well obsolete.The Oxford English Dictionary marks the verb gage as obsolete, and it won’t be long until the noun catches up.. Other Uses of Gage. Thus, we have the standard gauge and the meter gauge. Narrow gauge and normal gauge railways of local interest covered 3905 m. 105. Fixed Rate Mortgage - is a mortgage where the interest rate and the term of the loan is negotiated and set for the life of the loan. Gauge definition: If you gauge the speed or strength of something, or if you gauge an amount, you measure... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Gage definition, something, as a glove, thrown down by a medieval knight in token of challenge to combat. Find more similar words at! Sentences Menu. See more. Synonyms for gauging in Free Thesaurus. Search to watch with interest and thousands of other words in English definition and synonym dictionary from Reverso. Thus to gauge a person’s character means analyzing his character on the basis of his behavior. The terms of fixed rate mortgages can range from 10 years to up to 40 years. Good Faith Estimate - an estimate by the lender of the closing costs that are from the mortgage. Gauge definition is - a measurement (as of linear dimension) according to some standard or system: such as. 71. Top synonym for increase interest (another word for increase interest) is increased interest. Gage does have a few other uses.. Synonyms for captured my interest include caught my attention, attracted my attention, got my attention, grabbed my attention, captured my imagination, caught my eye, drew my attention, piqued my curiosity, diverted my attention and distracted me. gauge example sentences. It is also used to estimate, evaluate, or make a judgment.