Then locate the four small holes on the bottom of the relay (two holes per screw). You can purchase New Style GE Low Voltage Switch Plates for your new switches and the switches will snap directly into the plate. RR3 - Red, blue, black. Yes, in a simple setup you need one relay and one switch for every light fixture. 96. If the switch seems at all sticky or slow to respond, it may be time for an update. In other words, if multiple light switches (for ex., several on one switch plate or those installed on two sides of a room) are connected to a one particular relay and at least one of the switches on that circuit can still turn the lights on and off, then any switch that cannot control the lights is broken. If all relays and switches appear to be broken, then the transformer may be the issue. If the new working switch doesn't work in the problem location, the relay likely is broken; if the lights do come on then the old switch was broken. Tips When Replacing Failed RelaysTo avoid damaging a new relay, we recommend replacing all vintage switches connected to the relay: this includes any switches at the light location as well as any switches in master panels connected to the same relay. If the voltage is still at 0 VDC, the transformer is bad and needs to be replaced. (Remember - this could be one or more switches.). C $25.68 shipping. Standard 3 wire relay with 5 pin female connector. But if the working relay/switch set doesn't work in the new spot, then your transformer is likely the issue. The Model RR-9 includes an auxiliary contact on the low voltage side for status indication. GE’s Remote Control panels and frames are con- figured for either RR7P or RR9P relays with a five-pin female connector. Use the chart below to narrow down which part of your GE system needs to be replaced to get the lights working again. In more complex setups you might have one relay/fixture controlled by more than one switch (to turn on a fixture from either side of a room or from a master panel), or one switch controlling two or more relays (one switch controls two can lights in the ceiling at the same … If there is a short, you know you have a bad switch or wire. General Electric Contactor CL04 10E 24VDC Coil. voltage Other characteristics panel-mount, digital, programmable, for electric motors . But if you bypass the rectifier the system will still work. When wired in parallel, all the same color wires on all switches in the series are connected together: the red wires all connect together, the black wires all connect together, and the white wires are connected.). GE has always recommended 18 gauge wire; no change with either the old or the new transformers. RR9 - Red, blue, black, plus yellow, yellow for isolated pilot contacts. If you cannot produce these results you likely have a bad relay. Aube Technologies RC840T-240 On/Off Switching Electric Heating Relay with Built-in 24 V Transformer, Black. The voltage should be measured at the field power connection point in … What color wires did the old GE relays have? Putting a new RS2 type switch (black bordered) in an old ladder-type bracket. Start connecting the switches back and test each one by measuring the voltage again. Bad Switch: If you can control the same relay from one switch location but not another, the switch is the problem, not the relay. Check with your electrician to confirm how much is safe. 4.3 out of 5 stars 4. GE Undervoltage Release SPUV120AC 50/60Hz . This controller switch above the transformer is a rectifier. These American made relay boards are designed to fit most existing panel locations, which will save on material costs and labor. GE's new switches function the same as the old mini rockers, so even though the switch is now split into two buttons, it is still considered one switch. GE 12PJV11F1R Instantaneous Voltage Relay Type PJV General Electric 12PJV11FIR. 0.18 in. Shorting (tapping) the RED(ON) to the common of the 24VAC supply will turn the relay to the ON position. Yes, please see the low voltage wiring instructions which are free with purchase - just add the ones you need to your cart for no charge. Previous page. Once you're certain you don't have new switches squished into old brackets, test which part is damaged (the switch or the relay). I have Bryant switches - can I replace my relays and switches with GE parts? The current used is about 220 mA per relay, so having too many relays wired in parallel will drop the power voltage and the relays will not switch. The normal output voltage with the load disconnected would be 25-29 V AC (nominal should be ~27.5 V with 120 V applied). Confirm the input voltage - either 120V or 277V - depending on the model. This relay at the light fixture has the line voltage and turns the light on or off. If the rectifier is broken the relay will stop working so we recommend replacing it with the rectifier diode or simply disconnecting it from your system. 34.80 in. FLASHING 3 Press the CHANNEL … GE Low Voltage Lighting Help Guides & FAQ. When updating or fixing your system, just be sure you don't overload your transformer trying to control too many relays at once. $52.96 $ 52. More to consider from our brands. Cross wire shorts. Low Voltage Switching Relay. Easy to install and includes a 1 year warranty and 3 years free phone support. Every relay is Bench tested for NO and NC position. 1- GE RR9 20A SPST Low Voltage Relay PILOT. Before beginning to troubleshoot a low voltage system, ensure that all light bulbs are in good working order in any fixtures (ceiling light, table lamp, etc.) suit Low Voltage Motor applications • Small footprint designed specifically for IEC and NEMA MCC applications • Integrated pushbuttons and LED indicators reduce external . The MM300 integrates protection, control, automation, metering, diagnostics and multiple communication protocols in a rugged compact device for low voltage motor applications. The old GE catalog says it recommends using one with all remote control installations. Conductor Size: 14 … Rectangular plug-in type base for bus bar. All Rights Reserved. Disconnect the wiring between the relay and the switches. Use this GE low voltage lighting troubleshooting guide to track down which parts of your vintage General Electric low voltage wiring system need replacing. 0.18 in. Wiring that has been chewed by rodents or squirrels may cause cross wire shorts and odd behavior in the system. Try to determine why the old relay failed before risking damage to the new one, too. Painted, wallpapered, or broken plates might cause drag or pressure on switches causing them to stick or drag. Kele is the leading supplier of building … Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . Visual Damage: Check to see if there is blackening on the parts or if there is a burnt smell. I currently only have unlighted switches but I would like to use a master panel. Do I need pilot light relays if the switch in my room doesn't light up? For standard low voltage unlighted switches (both GE and Bryant), you'll need to GE What gauge wire should be used from the transformer to the relays? If the problems follow the relay, then the relay is defective. This simple check may quickly reveal which part is damaged and needs to be replaced. This is an old GE rectifier. First, ensure the relay is properly energized with 24VAC to the BLUE lead of the relay.