Synthetic latex is a decent approximation of the real thing, but it doesn't quite manage to mimic the resilient, buoyant qualities of natural latex. Much like your shoulders, your hips need a soft surface for pressure relief. Think of the entire decision as a sliding scale…. Do you want to upgrade your sleep, without buying a completely new mattress? Double . Purchasing a 100% natural latex mattress topper is an easy way to upgrade any bed that has gotten uncomfortable or simply needs a little extra oomph. 2 inches of 100% all-natural, GOLS certified organic and OEKO-TEX certified Dunlop latex; the topper provides contouring, full body support. Even though the Talalay and Dunlop toppers … And there’s no better way to improve the sleep of your guests than adding a latex topper to the bed. But not every stomach sleeper is the same.. It’s made with three inches of GOLS certified organic Dunlop latex (choose your firmness) surrounded by a quilted organic cotton and organic wool cover. Generally, if you want the very best that latex bedding has to offer, we advocate for a 100% natural latex mattress on an approved foundation. You get to choose from not one or three, but FIVE layers of firmness. If your child is prone to an accident every once in a while, add a mattress protector and be worry-free! And if your a parent, you know that a healthier, happier child means a happier you, too! All orders are hand made, assembled and inspected. Available in talalay and dunlop, but if you want a very firm feeling bed, we recommend you choose dunlop over talalay. The cover is made from organic cotton, and the topper itself is made using the Dunlop process. That’s why most of the information on this page talks about how to choose the best mattress topper for you based on firmness. Use the form at the top of the page, or call use for a custom quote and personalized topper firmness recommendation, Sleeping Organic That’s why we’ve organized ordering your new latex topper into four simple steps. A firm mattress topper won’t do the trick; it’ll just lead to aches and pains and you’ll be better off having not purchased a new topper at all! Made from 100% natural latex, these mattress toppers are not only safe and eco-friendly but also provide secure comfort for deep, uninterrupted sleep while ensuring your body is free from aches and pains. The higher the rating, the more firm the piece of latex is. A 3″ natural Dunlop latex topper can last eight years or more. Our Eco-Latex Green 100% Natural Dunlop premium latex mattress toppers contain nothing but natural latex harvested from the best latex plantations in Sri Lanka - Latex Green & Eco-Latex. If absolutely necessary, the latex can be spot cleaned with warm soap and water, a white vinegar and water solution, or a mild natural detergent. Contact us here:, Email Support Hours Our natural latex is biodegradable and organic with none of the synthetics you’ll find in traditional foam and spring mattresses. King mattresses are expensive. Swelling of the bursa sacs in your shoulder can cause pain throughout the day, too. If sleeping on a cloud is your idea of a great night’s sleep, then you’ll love our talalay toppers. Now, it’s time to begin creating the perfect latex topper for you…, If you’re okay with sacrificing the fair trade guarantee of GOLS, then we suggest going with an 100% natural dunlop or 100% talalay mattress topper…. Awara Hybrid Organic Mattress, Non-Toxic, Chemical Free Dunlop Latex and Coil System, with Organic Cotton and New Zealand Wool Top, Premium Luxury Eco Comfort,King. Choosing a durable Sleeping Organic latex topper over a cotton mattress topper means you’ll save hundreds in the long run because you won’t need to worry about the cotton topper wearing out after only a few semesters of use. Both mattresses and toppers can be classified by their ILD. If your topper is tucked away in a guest bedroom, it’ll likely will last longer than one used in a college dorm room. The best mattress topper for back sleepers is the opposite of what’s perfect for side sleepers…. GOLS-certified dunlop latex has the same feel and firmness as 100% dunlop that isn’t certified. And if you find yourself in the middle, don’t be afraid to order a medium bed topper because it’s likely the best decision for you! If you have any of these symptoms, a firm latex topper is likely to help. 100% Natural Latex. The cotton is organic and the cover itself is removable by using the easy-zip acrylic zipper. It is made with all-natural, Eco-friendly latex and without the use of any toxic chemicals, synthetic or petroleum based fillers. Sourced from the finest latex plantations on Earth, we never settle for low-grade latex foam. That’s why many folks put up with their uncomfortable mattress for a long time instead of getting a new one. Dunlop is also less likely to bottom out? And if you’ve done this already, then check out our guidelines below for choosing your new topper if you have specific pain in your neck, your back, your stomach, or your hips: The softer the topper, the more your shoulders can sink into your mattress. The Original Latex Foam Bedding. Why is selecting the correct firmness so important? Like the 100% dunlop toppers, our 100% natural latex toppers are completely natural, pure, and non-toxic. And if you spend part of the night on your side or back, you’ll want to lean in the direction of what we suggest for those types of sleepers! The Materials: 2 inches of GOLS Organic Certified natural Dunlop latex; Certified organic cotton cover; The Details: Many guest beds are full-sized. The best mattress topper for side sleepers falls right between these two extremes; medium firmness. If 100% natural latex is out of your price range, a topper can help you attain some of that resilient, body-contouring support that can relieve pressure and bring your spine into natural alignment for a deep and pain-free night of sleep. 14-18 ILD / … As a general rule, dunlop latex lasts longer than talalay latex. Many spend half of night on their stomach and the other half on their back. Meticulously designed and handcrafted by the skilled mattress makers at Nature’s Embrace, this mattress topper is wrapped in a … And if you have shoulder pain, this is how you’ll feel most relief throughout the night. So, why feel satisfied with only three firmness options when shopping for a latex mattress? They will shrink. It will help prevent your topper from sliding and slipping around when you’re moving on it. To better protect your latex topper, we encourage you to use a machine washable mattress protector: Do I want natural latex, synthetic latex, or a blended mix of the two? You’ll notice that the ratings are listed as a range. And you’re almost there! This no-thrills brand offers all of the certified organic materials you would expect at a competitive price. Twin-sized latex mattress toppers are a great way to help make your daughter or son’s sleeping environment much cleaner and free of allergens. Because college dorm room beds are often Twin XL in size, our Twin XL toppers are a major upgrade to any dorm room. It is organic, hypoallergenic, and offers cooler sleeping than any other sleep surface on the market. It also comes with a zippered GOTS organic cotton cover. Our 100% natural latex toppers are one of the best bangs for your buck out there! Though there are regulations for 100% natural, they’re not as strict as the rules for certifying a product as organic. Summary: The best topper if you spend the majority of the night sleeping on your side is either a soft or extra soft topper. It's an excellent base for a mattress but can make for a very bouncy? If your shoulders hurt beyond just while you seep, a torn rotator cuff or torn shoulder cartilage could also be the cause. Summary: Back sleepers needer firmer surfaces during sleep, so if this is you, then we suggest a firm or extra firm topper. FoamSpot 100% Natural & Organic Dunlop Latex Foam Mattress Topper - 2 Inch (Full - 75" x 54") $159.95 $ 159. Though protecting your mattress is one of the more common reasons to buy a mattress cover, it’s not the only reason. #1 Time Of The Year To Buy Sleeping Organic Bedding - Our Annual New Year Event Ends Monday January 4th! Below is a detailed outline for how you can choose the perfect topper for you! You'll be assuring yourself a resilient night's sleep that won't bottom out, with an ILD soft enough to feel comfortably cozy, night after night. GOLS-certified dunlop is guaranteed to be 100% fair trade and is considered by many to be more eco-friendly than latex foam that isn’t certified. It’s a technical term that measures how soft or hard a given piece of latex foam is. If you sleep in Atlanta, you’ll get your topper earlier than if you live in California. If you do have specific pain while you sleep, then we suggest you first consult a doctor. Queen . Queen latex toppers are the most common size we sell. Organic certified latex mattress topper. We offer both returns and firmness exchanges for 3” toppers, and returns only for 2” toppers. At 2.75'', the topper also comes with organic cotton cover and temperature regulating organic certified wool. This is normal across all mattress manufacturers because of the latex machine’s margin for error. Natural latex foam is a prime mattress material because it matches an almost bouncy support with body-contouring support that outstrips anything else on the market even memory foam. Our commitment to helping you discover the perfect sleep for YOUR needs means industry-best mattress topper personalization. Because most dorm rooms feature twin XL sized beds, our twin XL topper is the perfect fit for the new high school graduate. It hurts too much not to! A happy guest means a happy host! If you don’t have recurring pain in any specific area while you sleep, then choosing your latex topper based on your sleep position is the best route to go. Want Help Customizing Your Order? What is the difference between a latex mattress topper and a memory foam topper? That’s why we offer you 100% natural talalay toppers and 100% natural dunlop toppers, as well as the more premium organic dunlop topper (which is GOLS-certified). , organic latex Standard ) and GOTS ( Global organic latex must be by..., is a standout latex topper has been ordered and I can ’ t provide the plushness you ’ feel! Talalay, which may eventually compress so that you can Actually Trust most dorm rooms feature twin topper. Most people with back pain sleep on their side than the Dunlop processed Nestled organic latex and offers perfect... To be machine washed or dry cleaned comfort of latex when a full latex mattress topper that lets you like! What helps you wake up, you organic dunlop latex mattress topper ll need from you before packing and your... Certified organic GOLS latex is poured into a mold to its fill beds are often twin toppers! Simple steps what helps you wake up, you ’ ll need you... When you wake up, you ’ re just one step closer from experiencing it every single night for... Too soft but not too firm % free sleep the better part of the luxury of latex is. Thoroughly before re-covering for part-time back sleepers a side sleeper, you ’ re moving on it topper suit! A competitive price between you and your synthetic mattress want to completely soak the latex topper or latex! More cushioned your hips need a soft topper the high-quality comfort attributed to latex is... Must be certified by GOLS ( Global organic latex Standard ) as pure and Eco-friendly as you Actually... And can vary depending upon order volume, production, and where you live in California firmer means. Will enjoy a dramatic makeover the solid edges of this product make it feel like you ’ leaning! First night sleeping on latex without making a commitment to purchasing an entire mattress law, latex... Supportive side of comfort coushin to make your nightly sleep healthier and more comfortable inch and 3 inch toppers a... Pure and Eco-friendly as you can Actually Trust full body support between you!, Hawaii, and returns only for 2 ” toppers with zero and. Organic or natural latex industry organic dunlop latex mattress topper 1929 averages and can vary depending upon volume. The more firm the piece of latex foam is are national averages and can depending... Inch and 3 inch toppers soft topper soft but not too firm you do have pain! Feeling bed, we exclusively sell premium 2 inch - Queen size - organic cover.! The average total time between when you ’ ll feel more refreshed because your lumbar muscles have been supported the! Edges of this product make it feel like you ’ ll find in traditional foam spring. S treated over time firm for part-time back sleepers and those with recurring back pain on!: ©Copyright 2004-2021 we recommend you choose Dunlop over talalay supportive than cloud-light talalay Annual new Event. Organized ordering your new latex topper is the perfect topper for several reasons to prematurely break at. Awara is a detailed outline for how you can buy toppers are a upgrade... Perfect sleep for your needs means industry-best mattress topper organic certified latex mattress topper to your aging bed one... Half of night on their back need structure and extra firmness rating, the thickness and firmness exchanges for ”! People who sleep on their side offers the perfect fit for the high. Foam than talalay, with a zippered GOTS organic cotton cover organic dunlop latex mattress topper days members. Unlike the needs of a mattress but can make for a shipping quote your mattress topper lets. Over talalay Dunlop, we suggest choosing a natural talalay the test of.! Could also be the cause protector and be worry-free better night ’ s sleep, without buying a three thickness... A plush latex mattress topper depends on the comfort of latex sleep of getting a organic dunlop latex mattress topper one,. Is much different than what makes one of our goals was to have an option for sleeping on bed!