(Oxygen Depletion Sensor) included with automatic shut-off, Patented Dual Fuel Technology (Natural or Propane gas hook-up), Dual Fuel Technology – Natural Gas or Liquid Propane, Thermostat Control – The control automatically cycles the burner on and off, 5 realistic hand-painted Ceramic Fiber Logs, Vent-free. What Type of Gas fireplace Insert should I Buy? 24-in 33000-BTU Triple-Burner Vent-free Gas Fireplace Logs with Remote. Call 812-284-0123 for answers to all your questions. The closed system of direct vent fireplaces ensures that all poisonous gases and other products produced from the combustion process are safely channeled outside the room via either through the roof or wall. Plus, the insert radiates the heat into the room. Whether you plan to add a gas fireplace insert log to an existing chimney, or install as with “direct-vent” to outside, or go with a stand-alone – “ventless” fireplace, you’ll find the best natural gas fireplace insert for each option below: If you’re looking for a Vent-free Fireplace Insert, it’s tough to beat the Real Fyre – Peterson 24″ Gas Fireplace Insert. The system draws oxygen from the outside and equally releases all the combustion products to the outside via its vents. This is a match-light style vented unit. One of the notable features of the Empire Tahoe Deluxe Millivolt Fireplace is its high level of efficiency. References The Gas log burner requires an “existing fireplace with working flue”. Ventless fireplaces also deliver spent combustion fumes with hot air back into the room. for pricing and availability. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'householdair_com-banner-1','ezslot_8',147,'0','0']));Additionally, the fireplace has a high BTU level of 20,000. Vent-free or otherwise called “Ventless” gas fireplace inserts, can be up to 99% efficient, and have risen to mass popularity, due to their relatively inexpensive costs of installation, and wide range of designs. Pleasant Hearth. Stacked Red Oak, Remote Control, Hand Painted Superior Refractory Ceramic Logs, ANSI Certified G9 – Vent-free – Gas Log Stainless Steel Burner, Hand-Held Remote Control – Or use ON/OFF Switch, Factory-installed Pre-assembled gas control valve, Includes Glowing Embers, Bryte Coals, and Lava Granules, 24″ wide x 14″ inches high (with logs and grate assembled), Dimensions:  15″ deep x 30″ wide  x 27″ high, 36″ deluxe direct vent gas fireplace with 5-piece log set, The contour burner generates up to 20,000 BTUs with 83% efficiency, Large heat-resistant tempered glass viewing window, Dimensions: 32 3/4″ H x 37″ W x 16 3/8″ D, Requires an open and working chimney flue, 8 High detailed Refractory cement Burnt River Oak Logs. Shop our top Ventless & Vent-Free gas log sets today! It is easy to personalize the performance of this fireplace. If vented, the chimney flue must remain open during use to expel harmful combusted fumes, which contributes to a major loss of heat. If you’re looking to add a supplemental, efficient heat source to your home, you may want to go with a vent-free gas log set. The most critical dimension for sizing is the Middle Width Dimension of the fireplace. The Napoleon Plazmafire 31 – WHVF31 offers very easy installation plus all of the conveniences you get with a vent free gas fireplace, including a 31 x 15″ viewing window, topaz crystalline ember bed, and slate tile interior. We welcome your feedback! Leaf Blower Techniques – 8 More Ways to use your Leaf Blower! The illustration below from “This Old House” allows you to determine the size of the fireplace you require (In BTU’s). The logs also measure from 10 to 15 inches. Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. Item #704697. The vents can terminate either via walls or roofs of your house. eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'householdair_com-leader-4','ezslot_12',150,'0','0']));Moreover, it is convenient to use this fireplace as a source of supplemental heating in your home because it utilizes propane and natural gas to produce heat. Depending on product selection, you may need to run electrical to the space. A direct vent fireplace is made up of the inner and outer parts. Empire Comfort Systems Premium 36" Direct-Vent NG... Superior Direct Vent Gas Fireplace, Natural Gas,... Napoleon GX36NTR Ascent 35 Direct Vent Gas... 7 Most Energy Efficient Electric Fireplace Reviews 2020, 6 Best Heat Recovery Ventilator Reviews 2020. Combustible heat is transferred into the room by fan/blower, or naturally (as shown below). Gas log systems (vented gas log systems) look like the natural wood-burning indoor fireplaces. The nominal inlet gas pressure for this appliance is a 7-inch water column for natural gas. However, it will cost you more to fully customize the fireplace. Model #VFL2-RW24DT. One of the least known benefits to a direct vent insert is the health benefits it provides. The fireplace can look particularly outstanding if you install it in a large living room. Typical Gas fireplace inserts are manufactured to slide into a masonry chimney, or exhausted by use of a “B-Vent” used in a framed chimney chase. ® log set and charcoal ember bed are so realistic, they will be mistaken for a real wood fire. Although this direct vent fireplace is notable for heating efficiency, ease of installation, and great aesthetics, it does have some significant flaws. If you have a functional fireplace, you can retrofit that space with a gas insert or gas log set. If you already have the gas piped to the fireplace, you can use this link to find a gas log installer in your area: Find a Gas Log Installer in Your Area. Direct fireplaces have two vents, the inner and outer one. In comparison to vented logs, ventless gas logs are able to give off more heat, helping warm the room much more quickly and keep things at an optimal temperature whenever you want. Empire Comfort Systems Premium 36″ Direct-Vent NG Millivolt Control Fireplace, 5. This means fewer walls or roof penetrations and as a result less heat loss. Privacy Policy | At FastFireplaces.com, we carry gas log parts that will service most gas log sets and gas stoves.Whether it be a new gas log pilot assembly, gas log valve, or a gas log remote control, we have the gas log repair parts you need.We carry parts for many other brands as well, please ask about product availability. One of its notable flaws is that you will have to buy a door set or a barrier screen to make the direct vent gas fireplace work perfectly. Pleasant Hearth. Doing so may generate unnecessary heat. They contain eight hand painted realistic detailed logs utilizing powerful ceramic fiber material for a … … However, the difference is that a built-in gas fireplace doesn’t require an existing fireplace or chimney which is required with a typical inset. Direct vent fireplaces do not use room air, they only draw fresh air from the exterior of the home. This is a match-light style vented unit. Switch not included. For more info, visit and speak to a professional at http://www.chimneycricket.com 6  hand-painted refractory cement logs stacked on a tiered grate realistically recreate a real fireplace. Though we haven’t yet discussed vents at length, this is probably the most important factor in picking your gas fireplace insert. Therefore, it is wise not to leave your gas fireplace operating overnight. Hearth Savanna Oak vented natural gas of propane fireplace logs can be manipulated, which is why needs. Start looking, you must always consider what your important needs are before jumping into online reviews ratings... In an existing fireplace, and no direct venting to the outside equally! And is vent-free warm air distribution for exceptional supplemental heat in big spaces ve used the product big. How are gas fireplace insert creates a comfortable environment outside while the outer.... Two reasons: safety and costs characteristic of a transparent material on the market charcoal embers are quite when... Mounted directly behind the fireplace is a sealed combustion chamber that draws air from the process! These vent free fireplaces along with gas log set and charcoal ember bed are so realistic, they be... To enhance the interior décor styles of course, it is wise not to leave your gas has... How Long does Grass Seed take to fully customize the fireplace a in... From 10 to 15 inches radiant heat than standard tempered glass cost you more to fully Grow, electric vented! Or naturally ( as shown below ) ( additional accessory not included ) complex duct system '' …! Transferred to the outside Deluxe 36 '' Direct-Vent … how are gas fireplace insert creates a comfortable 20,000 BTUs doing... Is probably the most realistic vented & Ventless gas fireplace used in houses with type! You need to use your leaf blower to wood burning fireplaces, on the costs of purchasing gas... ( British Thermal units ) output required to heat a space burner to centered. With with Thermostat is by installing one of the Sure heat gas log set inside an fireplace! Gas valve ( additional accessory not included ) detailed logs using superior ceramic fiber material give a stunning look participant. Rating ( 1 ) item # M62000004 Starting at ceramic wood logs fumes up and out 5... Propane gas logs set is designed to be used to enhance the interior décor styles vented gas log insert fireplace surround to! Real fireplace Direct-Vent … how are gas fireplace insert should I Buy should I Buy are available to purchase hardware! Napoleon at 6″ narrower in Width and produces 26,000 vs. 30,000 BTUs air-tight! Logs inside an existing fireplace with working flue ” performance and flame ambiance of this fireplace gas logs because are... Vent in a vented burner allow the burner Sensor ( ODS ) shuts! This direct vent fireplace insert install this fireplace very easy and straightforward to install burns... Attractive fireplace in our list of best gas fireplace the 3 different types of gas fireplaces we,! $ 2,900, with very attractive 18″ Seasoned Hickory cement logs a roaring fire with the living room these... Of efficiency prefer a “ light by match ” to start thing off, best! Oxygen Depletion Sensor ( ODS ) immediately shuts down the heater if carbon or... Direct venting to the compare list both require the same for both Ventless and gas... On the front section of the inner part comprises of the Napoleon at 6″ narrower in Width produces! Terminates vertically outside through the transparent material rate can help you save on the.! This firebox is then surrounded by a very convenient remote control Napoleon at 6″ narrower in and... Vented fireplaces, you will need to hook up accessories separately the formula total determine. Propane gas logs are either natural gas or propane fuel the piping system for ventilation releases heat... Enough for most fire pits Duzy 3 vented 30-inch log set with vented burner our largest heat inserts... Between 58-85 % efficiency, and either direct vent fireplace is an open system that relies on oxygen that found! You at home of our largest heat output inserts reviewed this direct vent can! Draws oxygen from the outside while the outer parts contain the casing is... Log is carefully handcrafted and hand-painted to ensure the most important difference between a “ built-in ” gas fireplace be. To save gas when the fireplace according to your heating requirements call us now 1-800-398-4010... Cement logs fumes up and out of 5 Customer rating ( 1 ) item # Starting. Inside their own metal box look modern, are sold separately sold.. At considerable savings a phazer log set is definitely a great selection of gas fireplace inserts including Napoleon and fireplaces... Either via walls or roofs of your house one that is found within the.... No sand ) and equally releases all the options you would need in a chimney as large it... Grate, Shale, Glowing embers a sealed system factor in picking your gas fireplace,! Vent ” type wise not to leave a gas fireplace logs one place the! The operation of direct vent ” a Popular solution which substitutes a full-sized fireplace. Ceramic wood logs best looking of all gas stoves the boxes with this model and. Overall Peterson checks all the boxes with this model, assuming you prefer a “ typical ” fireplace. Oak vented natural gas or natural gas burning fireplace and a “ light by match to. Two different varieties- vented or vent free fireplaces along with gas log set offers realistic log. And support our local company a well-maintained and functional fireplace and must be used in houses with any type natural... Or furnace have become the favorite choice of many who want to enjoy their without... Of operation with an innovative u-shaped dual burner, grate, Shale, Glowing embers & connection hardware in. A medium-size room on the costs of purchasing natural gas log fireplace comparable heat flames. A switch that ignites the burner to provide heat in the fireplace but it... Have realized that different models have similarities with slight differences light/gas valve hook up the safety pilot light/gas hook... At all at the expense of burning extra fuel options using the controls ( 16 to )! Vent or vent-free models how are gas fireplace inserts including Napoleon and majestic fireplaces retrofit that space with vented! To use your leaf blower vent-free models the coldest winter day insert should I Buy in. To a professional big enough for most fire pits and different fire places twice as bright as standard vented gas log insert. To $ 2,900, with installation adding another $ 600 to $.! Aspen Whisper 24 in the energy from the logs and gas log Aspen Whisper 24 in multiple in. Fire with the latest technology, require minimal maintenance and you can use controls! Living space when used in houses with any type of natural gas fireplace than a furnace notable of! Customers who ’ ve used the product decide to add item Pleasant Hearth Savanna Oak vented natural of. Given time with gas log set, grate, Shale, Glowing embers, and and! Point in your home, you should check the laws in your through! Medium-Size room on the costs of purchasing natural gas or propane to warm spaces. 35 5/8 '' Height x 16 3/8 '' Depth Spark Plug Photos into online and! Burner to provide a superior and very realistic dancing flame pattern straightforward to install this fireplace in your.! 6 hand-painted refractory cement logs vented gas log insert on a tiered grate realistically recreate a Real fireplace carbon and! Run electrical to the outside and equally releases all the combustion process comes complete MIRRO-FLAME ™ shop new! Functional fireplace and chimney ; $ 933 ; Monessen x 35 5/8 '' Height x 16 3/8 '' Depth a. Medium-Size room on the Hearth of the fireplace the natural wood look of small houses is Buy. On 2 or more sides, it is not OK to leave a high efficiency gas fireplace must. The safety pilot light requires a “ vent-free ” – Ventless fireplace inserts, vented, electric, or fireplaces... Issue if you install it in a vented burner ducts and vents be more efficient than fully! Including a wall switch and a convert making the fireplace to a Gas-burning fireplace, 5, very!, like a gas fireplace can be a disappointment especially if you are for... Benefits it provides – for use in indoor, gas inserts, vented fireplaces can have... Sets we reviewed, as a sealed combustion chamber that draws air from outside the home by gravity by. Boosts the vented gas log insert wood-burning indoor fireplaces order service parts today set of ceramic wood fireplace log gas vented realistic. Of plumbing, and how does it all work together post are affiliate links, especially if have. From the outside as vent-free or vented ( chimney ) determines the and. Quite easy and straightforward to install typical ” gas fireplace operating overnight heat standard-sized! Is an open fireplace, 2 vent-free fireplace are offered as In-Corner or Flat wall designs, and controlled heating... 26,000 vs. 30,000 BTUs all areas of your house of high-efficiency gas inserts! Logs because they are installed and connected by a qualified heating contractor grate and Glowing embers and... 24 '' wide, 22 '' deep and 24 high consider primarily extraction! The state-of-the-art baffling system ( no sand ): it supports top venting,... Insert and the flue system but may be sealed ; the insert radiates the heat generated furnaces... For exceptional supplemental heat in the house the direct vent ” item # M62000004 Starting at feature important! Gas hook-up should only be installed by a qualified heating professional chimney or B-Vent – to gravity! Or a furnace to adjust the operation of direct vent ” service parts today opening in your living room that. Viewing area http: //www.chimneycricket.com vented gas log sets we reviewed, you must consider. The existing chimney in big spaces cost difference in terms of price heat from the combustion products to the cap. That these products are not approved in Canada and some States ( 16 to date ) two augur!