✓ Fanco, Contact number:         6777 7667 Established in 1998, Fanco is known for its high-quality, silent ceiling fans. S. It allows the wind to be propelled towards the ceiling so that the room can enjoy the cool air coming from the air conditioner. With 4 silent speed options and patented blower technology, the Lasko AC615 produces cool airflow perfect for people who live without a centralized air conditioning system. You are also given the option to install the light kit, depending on the requirements of your home. But some people want a ceiling fan with lights instead, so they don’t have to purchase a light separately. ✓ Haiku They are known for their reliability and performance that has been proven over many decades. The finishing of outdoor ceiling fans is very important, and ideally the best outdoor ceiling fans should have waterproof powder coating or other stain and rust resistant coating to enhance the durability of the fan, and also make it easier for you to maintain and clean it. Before you decide to obtain a ceiling fan, it is important to compare the best ones around. Related. Refer to this list of Fanztec authorised resellers to find out where to purchase their products. With many designs to choose from , Samaire Fanniti’s SA483 offers a wide selection of choices and colours to suit your home’s interior design. If you’re not sure which brand you prefer, it’s wise to take a look at a few brands at one go. This amazing looking fan ensures that you would have a comfortable time at home without the distracting noise from the fan. View all posts by Saum Hadi Post navigation. If your ceiling height is higher, make sure that you have a more powerful fan. ✓ Fanco, Address:                     295 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore 437078 Homes with low ceilings, on the other hand, will need a hugger installation – this keeps the fan as close to the ceiling as possible. We provide a variety of different types of fans such as ventilating fans, industrial fans and more that would suit your office or … BESTAR DC Ceiling Fan with British Technology. As an authorized dealer and stockist of Bestar fan, Sg Appliances support you with the best offer in Singapore. Today, it has a total of 12 store locations island wide selling affordable home products. As a fan that has been designed in Singapore, the Eco-Airx DC Ceiling fan has every functionality a Singaporean would ever need. ✓ Efenz ✓ Decken ✓ Matthews It’s made up of a large team of efficient, professional, and licensed technicians and electricians who know their way around all types of ceiling fans. Contact number:       6348 7998 KDK, Fanco, Elmark and AeroAir are popular brands if you are looking for ceiling fans in Singapore. Discover more through our website! You can adjust the type of light you desire depending on your mood. This gives you a peace of mind shall there be any troubles that arise after the first year of purchase. You can find brands such as KDK, Mistral, Panasonic and many others. WhatsApp to 9420 5658 for more details. 4. Thus, their price points are able to cater to anyone without compromising on style. With more than 20 years of experience and 325 customers who recommended this fan, Fanco offers an extremely affordable fan bound to cool your home. This is why ceiling fans are common in Singapore homes. Lazada Singapore from SGD408.00 AMASCO Ceiling Fan Wale DC 41" is the best kind of companion while you are busy at work in the kitchen. The wooden blades of the Eco-Airx DC Ceiling Fan are also handcrafted, ensuring top quality for the blades. Welcome to Home First (S) Pte Ltd showroom for testing fan performance. Contact number:         6844 2220 5 best ceiling fans for singapore’s tropical climate Aug 24 2018 Living in a country with a tropical climate like Singapore, it is vital to invest in good air circulation … With a list of patrons, Decor Fan Singapore has once again provided the people a quality ceiling fan for a considerable price. Crestar’s wooden fan offers an extremely trendy look to your living room. ✓ Crestar 5 best ceiling fans for singapore’s tropical climate Aug 24 2018 Living in a country with a tropical climate like Singapore, it is vital to invest in good air circulation … Ceiling fan is a better choice interm of better air ventilation for a room. Facts About Disabling Lights To Save Energy. This tower fan’s unique design allows for a quiet operation while delivering a powerful stream of uninterrupted airflow for you to stay comfortably cool. Email:                            slh8888@hotmail.com. ✓ EuropAce. Fanztec’s expertise lies in manufacturing DC energy-saving ceiling fans, with and without lights. Ceiling fan brands available: Email:                          br@megadiscountstore.com.sg. Smaller bedrooms can make do with fan blade length of between 44 to 56 inches. Here’s a breakdown of the fan size recommended for rooms based on square footage: Not every Singaporean would have heard of Fanco. With curved blades that matches well with any interior design, what we like most about this fan is how modern it looks. Using a PPG blade material for extra durability, the blades will be less prone to wear and tear. You understand that ALL PURCHASE ENTAILS RISK and you agree that any employees working for curatorsuite including (but not limited to) their editors, publishers, bloggers doesn’t guarantee the results you’re excepting. Armed with a 1/f Yuragi function, the fan can offer a comfortable nature breeze. Email:                            enquiries@spinfans.com.sg, One of the best-selling models: Fanztec FT-TWS-1 (52”). ✓ SPIN, Contact number:         8526 6676 ✓ Decco MISSION Provide quality products that meet household customers needs . It’s no secret that the best bladeless ceiling fans in Singapore can sometimes cost an arm and a leg. The wind is calm with a … This indicates that your safety is guaranteed. • Available in 2 colours (white, black) 0 FANS FOR HOME. A ceiling fan is a smart support act for the regular cooling system. From $199. ✓ Fanztec COURTS was introduced in Singapore in 1974 as a furniture retailer. Ceiling Repair Singapore is deemed one of the best repair shops on the island due to the quality of its services. Facebook:                     https://www.facebook.com/kdkleaderinfantechnology. Email:                            enquiry@winfinity.com.sg. After having owned our own ceiling fan for years, we are happy to share with you our list of the best ceiling fans in Singapore . COPYRIGHT ©2020, curatorsuite. This is why ceiling fans are common in Singapore homes. Come to us for your all your cooling needs. Best places to buy bladeless ceiling fans in Singapore. Decor Fan SEA also provides a 10-year warranty for its motor parts should any mechanical issue arise. With more than 63 customer reviews raving for the fan, the fan is an optimal choice for customers who are on a tight budget but want a high-quality ceiling fan. ✓ Fanco Thereafter, you can pick which room to install ceiling fans in. Contact number:         6741 0729 (Call) / 9009 5500 (WhatsApp) Bestar models such as Razor, BS200, BS700. Catheryn Wong loves reviewing all products. A ceiling fan made of ABS ( acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) would be suitable … Price: S$200.98. I personally own two PO Eco Ceiling Fans, and so far I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. Crestar DC ValueAIR 55 Inches Ceiling Fan, #8. We offer Free Shipping for most purchases over $40 in the Continental Oughout. Here are some of the best outdoor ceiling fans available in the market. With so many choices in the market, we’ve shortlisted some recommended ceiling fan brands and where to get them! 19 stylish homes with ceiling fans. Email:                            elmark@elmark.com.sg, Most popular model: AMASCO TRINITI-II (42” / 56”) The reverse functionality is for usage when you turn on the air conditioner. Current owners are thrilled with their Hunter 53237 and this is one of the best-rated and most budget-friendly ceiling fans you can get your hands on. Position your ceiling fan properly ✓ Bestar Fanco Ceiling Fan 52 inch E-Series FFM. October 21, 2016 October 19, 2016 ~ yubeeblog ~ Leave a comment. Practical and aesthetic, yet affordable both in price and in long-term energy cost, ceiling fans are the best way to stay cool in Singapore on a budget. Showroom address:   Mandai Industrial Building, 30 Mandai Estate #02-03 Singapore 729918 Their 188 Premium Copper Grade motor guarantees to be highly durable and effective. Given’s Singapore’s insanely hot climate, it is everyone’s desire to have a strong ceiling fan at home. With an Auto mode that enables the fan to sense the temperature in the room, the fan can dynamically adjust its speed according to the temperature in the room. Crestar Ninja Air Ceiling Fan with 3 Blades 47 Inch & 42 Inch. Smaller bedrooms can make do with fan blade length of between 44 to 56 inches. Ceiling Fans can no longer be considered a luxury but a kind of necessity in the "red dot" otherwise known as Singapore. Equipped with a modern design, this ceiling fan provides strong airflow and offers up to 9 speeds for you to choose from. Buy Electronics, TV, Appliances, Fridges, Washers, Dryers, Computers, Cameras, Printers, Mobile Phones, Monitors, Beauty Care, Health Care, Accessories, Apple. ✓ Bestar Related. DISCLAIMER: The products recommended in this site are subjective for everyone. Simple ceiling fans with LED lighting. Samaire fans can be purchased from these authorised dealers. With the option to install the ceiling light to be attached on your fan, you are able to enjoy 3 kinds of lighting at the convenience of pressing a button on your remote control. Featuring a 6-speed reversible blade and RPM of 50 to 228, it guarantees to keep you and your surrounding cool. For false ceilings, the blade lengths should be shorter. Ceiling fans come in a variety of sizes, with blade spans ranging from 29 inches to 56 inches or greater. Please read our disclosure for more info. WAL4 41″ WHITE MAPLE OAK DECOR FAN (L3D)/WHMO is a modern ceiling fan from the WAL4 series that accents the curves of the blades, each looking sleek yet elegant in design. You get to select between you want a ceiling fan equipped with the light kit or without. Ceiling fan brands available: Furthermore, you can choose between 2 blades, 3 blades or 4 blades. All products have been certified with the Safety Mark after stringent inspections. Get exclusive weekly updates to Singapore's design scene, trend scoops, shopping and interior styling tips with our newsletter now. A standing fan is probably the most popular fan type in Singapore. For rooms that are smaller, it’s best to get a ceiling fan with light since there’s limited space. Besides, you get to choose whether you want to add a light to the ceiling fan as well. The best ceiling fans in Singapore normally have a DC motor, simple LED lights and a remote control the light and fan speed. With black and white as its available colours, this fan would match well with any bedroom or living room since black and white is an easy-matching colour. Measure the height of your ceiling to determine the best suitable mounting option for your space. FAQs About The Best Ceiling Fans in Singapore Which brand of ceiling fan is best in Singapore? DC fans use less electricity as compared to AC fan models. Provided by a team of ceiling fan expertist in Singapore who assure you a hazzle free and fast respond time quality after sale service. With an extensive range of smart, beautiful designer ceiling fans, these decor fans are the perfect addition to any modern home. Contact number:         6766 7277 We provide a variety of different types of fans such as ventilating fans, industrial fans and more that would suit your office or … Moreover, they offer the flexibility of being configured for different ceiling heights. Check it out on Amazon. Which brand of ceiling fan is best in Singapore? It is also part of room decor. Select Right Size for Your Room SEE MORE. Additionally, you can choose between 3 lights once the fan is in operation. • Blade material: Acrylic Contact number:         6445 6144 Knowing how to choose a ceiling fan can help to maximise your savings and comfort. Address:                     5 Stadium Walk, Kallang Leisure Park #01-46, Singapore 397693 They are so space efficient, yet offers a really wide coverage of ventilation. Ceiling Fan Remendation Hardone Sg. Ceiling fans are way more powerful than typical portable fans or standing fans because they are able to cover a bigger surface area. ✓ Fanco Crestar DC ValueAIR 55 Inches Ceiling Fan, Acorn Intaglio DC-159 52 inch Ceiling Fan, Decco Sydney 54 inches DC Motor Ceiling Fan, AMASCO Fanta 46 Inches DC Motor Ceiling Fan, Samaire Fanniti SA483 48 Inches Ceiling Fan, #4. The actual product that you wish to purchase from our referral links will definitely vary and it’s fully held responsible by the suppliers and not curatorsuite. Facebook:                     https://www.facebook.com/fancofansingapore/. Ceiling fan brands available: Know these terms. Luckily, there are cheap options like the LKSS Ceiling Fan with Lamp, which is a great choice if you’re on a tight budget. The fan should be placed at an ideal height of around 2.5 metres from the floor to the fan blades, but many ceiling fans have multiple options for mounting so they work well almost anywhere. ✓ KDK Acorn Intaglio DC-159 52 inch Ceiling Fan, #10. TAGS: ceiling ... Best Buys Not To Be Missed: Fabulous Shopping Deals From Plaza Sing ... Home & Decor Newsletter. Contact number:          6291 5486 Price range: $200.00 – $519.00 Since their launch in 2004, Crestar has become one of the leading brands of ceiling fans in Singapore. If you are looking for a fan with a sleek and simple design that conserves energy, this fan is a perfect fit. Ceiling fans are one of the best ventilation life hacks that we have discovered ever since transfering to a new house. 2. One of their most advanced innovations is the energy-efficient, silent DC motor. But some people want a ceiling fan with lights instead, so they don’t have to purchase a light separately. best ceiling fan with light singapore DIY Home owners Love Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans. Katong Fan Shop opened in early 2014, and focuses on providing high-quality fans and accessories. KDK DC ceiling fans with LED light saves up to 50% in power consumption. You can read the reviews from previous customers to understand the background of prospective contractors, how they rate their work, and message them directly to ask any specific questions. We all know the pain that we have if we are cooking in the kitchen but are sweating buckets due to the immense heat. Email:                          megashop@singnet.com.sg, Thomson branch They are so space efficient, yet offers a really wide coverage of ventilation. Each ceiling fan can come with either a direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC) fan. Showroom address:    Blk 1, Ang Mo Kio Ind Park 2A, #03-11 Singapore 568049 Every modern ceiling fan these days come with a light kit in place. Opening hours:            Mon – Fri, 930am – 530pm | Sat 930am – 1pm EEDC ensures that you consume the lowest possible amount of energy. Homeowners can find a whole selection of products in any of their store locations. Published by Saum Hadi. ✓ Alaska According to fan specialist KDK Singapore, a large bedroom or living room needs a large ceiling fan with the blade length of between 56 to 60 inches, in order to circulate air effectively. When choosing the best fan size for your needs, you’ll want to consider the size of the room it will be placed in. Haiku is an award-winning USA brand that’s exclusively distributed by PHYLUX in Singapore. As an authorized dealer and stockist of Bestar fan, Sg Appliances support you with the best offer in Singapore. Eco-Airx also goes on to offer 100% wind assurance for the fan, confident that their ceiling fan will be able to cool your home down! ✓ KDK Next, choose between three colours. Opening hours:         Mon – Sun, 11am – 8pm Email:                            enquiry02@poecofan.com, Most popular model: Acorn DC-159 BK (40”). ... Valk 52 DC Ceiling Fan with LED 3-Tone (White Light Wood) $ 799.00 $ 499.00; 38%.