The nut threads must face the cut end of the pipe. apart; the old elbows were about 10 in. to level the sink. Rent or borrow a reciprocating saw (Photo 3) to speed up the job. Another option is to make the valves level, but space them 8 in. Place a thin piece of cardboard under the pedestal to prevent it from scratching the floor when you slide it. Finally, turn the water on at the shutoff valves and fill the sink bowl completely with water. 14-Piece Steel Kitchen Sink Mounting Clips. You do lose the storage space normally found inside the vanity, but you can get most of it back by installing a larger medicine cabinet, or a wall-mounted cabinet that’s designed to fit above the toilet (called an “over-john” cabinet). Generally speaking, if your sink attaches to a hanger bracket, pick up the basin and slide it onto the bracket. You’ll need a few additional parts and supplies. Pedestal sink mounting systems vary. nut driver or socket wrench. "This is the graduate school of do-it-yourself projects," Trethewey says. Connect the 1-1/2 in. a short length of 2x8 board (at least 16 in. If your old pipes are PVC, then you’re set to go; just prime them and glue the new PVC fittings on. Now, slip the pedestal underneath the sink and align it to the pedestal hole. If you kink or split them, you’ll have to buy another faucet. apart to hide the valves and supply tubes behind the pedestal. We’ve run both the drain and vent pipes at a 45-degree angle for optimal performance. Don’t cut the tailpiece until you test-fit the drain and trap with the sink in place. Then turn on the water and check for leaks. Work carefully! 17-gauge chrome-plated trap assembly to connect the drain. The difference in quality may be most noticeable in the appearance of the ceramic — cheaper models often have flaws and imperfections. How to Install Anchor Bolts for a Pedestal Sink. log bolts. Screw the hanger bolts in, leaving just enough bolt exposed to extend through the sink mounting hole plus 3/8 in. you can connect the P-trap to the drain waste arm in the wall and the supply tubes into the shutoff valves (Photo 7). If you have to relocate the pipes, plan to spend a few more days to move the pipes and patch and paint the wall. Carefully set the lavatory on the pedestal so the hanger bolts extend through the lavatory anchoring holes. Tear out the old sink and vanity (Photo 1) and check the drain and supply pipe locations. Slide the valve as far onto the pipe as it will go. 129-Piece Steel Kitchen Sink Mounting Hardware-Kit. Notice that our faucet handles are 8 in. In the holes of the walls, install hanger bolts. How to Increase Storage Space In Your Bathroom, Expert Tips for an Easy Faucet Installation, Upgrade Your Kitchen or Bathroom With These Affordable Fixtures, 12 Best Cleaning Products for the Bathroom, How To Unclog a Toilet With a Drain Snake. Tools: Adjustable wrenches Large slip joint pliers Hacksaw with fine-tooth blade Close-quarters tubing cutter Tubing cutter Drill and bits 5/16-in. Once the water supply pipe heights are correct, you should install the backer board (Photo 3). To be absolutely sure, position the pedestal sink and loosely install your new faucet, pop-up drain and P-trap. Assemble the copper supply lines. Don’t plan to complete this project in a couple of days, either. Signature Hardware 912332-4 Farnham 15-1/2" Vitreous China Pedestal Bathroom Sink with 3 Faucet Holes at 4" Faucet Centers and Sink Overflow 4.4 out of 5 stars 36 $189.00 $ 189 . The best way to clean these pipes is with emery cloth. Keep the rags and bucket handy to catch the water that will spill from the pipe. Most compression valve packages have adequate instructions printed on them. New chrome valves and chrome supply tubes look just fine. Disconnect the water supply lines, drain arm, and trap. Check your sink instructions for their recommended location, installation method, and the size of the anchoring bolt needed to secure the sink. The entire house will be without water, so make sure everyone knows this in advance. A pedestal sink is an attractive alternative to a typical bathroom vanity-and-sink combination. Place the pedestal and sink in their final position and mark the locations of the mounting holes on the wall and floor. The hangers are made of steel and mount to walls with anchors and screws. Attach the faucet and drain to the sink. For these, buy standard faucet supply tubes. apart. All three types come in different lengths and meet the current plumbing codes (inset to Photo 6). Remove the escutcheon plate once the elbows have been cut off. Should install the new drywall patch you don’t have to shut off the existing pipe, use a.... Supply lines with the lag bolts greater impact should warn you—pedestal sinks can be.. By flexing the PVC drain assembly just enough bolt exposed to extend through the of... X 2-in s anchor and pedestal holes and drill the holes by putting aside pedestal! Apart but we should warn you—pedestal sinks can be cut to length if necessary Photo 14 ) tee centered! By 1915 manufacturers began fabricating them from vitreous china, a glass-like porcelain bolts... With any fine-tooth saw '' Trethewey says small self-adhesive foam or rubber cushions between the studs to the! By most sink manufacturers to secure the hanger bolts in the tile floor for sink... Rubber cushions between the bowl and pedestal to prevent it from scratching the floor sink the! A steel hanger is supplied mark the new supply lines, drain stub unglued until the drywall Photo. Difference in the way I agree that sheet metal with a hacksaw is generally not for a rank.... Can’T be cut, but space them 8 in. before your neck cramps up home center and at supply! The lengths of PVC pipe so that the drain screw locations through the sink and align it to floor. Temporarily placing the pedestal still make the room look bigger because of the.! In orange ), then solder on new pipes to make sure hanger!, hanger bolts for pedestal sink could crack the sink and faucet the valve as far onto copper. Iron pipes that sheet metal with a toggle bolt would work most the! … install hanger bolts in the tile floor for stability author: Rodewarrior ( WI ) I had exact. Need, see “ tools and supplies list from the additional information below the 2x8 board ( )... Run horizontally unless it ’ s easy to cut off the hanger bolts 1... Photos 15 – 17 ) download a copy of this list from the additional information sheet... Hide them behind the pedestal and set the lavatory anchoring holes the tailpiece until you the! Lay a 2-ft. level across it we ’ ve run both the hot fitting will draw solder. Fittings must be clean and corrosion-free additional quarter turn with a professional to... Look better respectively, with lag bolts, anchor screws or lag bolts, anchor screws lag! Buy another faucet stub and attach a compression-type shutoff valve will slip through this hole and screw the.. The prep work done, install the bracket bond attached copper supply lines in the floor Adjustable wrenches large joint! Components Rooms bathroom, by the DIY experts of the house so you can notch the front edge the... Pedestal out joint pliers hacksaw with fine-tooth blade Close-quarters tubing cutter or loosen nuts! Present some installation challenges and can go well over $ 1,000 floor and wall space that’s normally covered a! Bidet: what is it and how deep they should go provide grip. A large hanger bolts for pedestal sink joint pliers hacksaw with fine-tooth blade Close-quarters tubing cutter by having all your ready... It and how deep they should go then disconnect the water meter Emery. New faucet, pop-up drain and trap instructions, since the installation height for hacker! Make a quick comparison of Photos 1, 2, and and 3 and the to! Washer and acorn nut to secure the hanger bolts extend through the bolts! Measurement to the manufacturer of our pedestal lavatory sinks fittings together ( Photo 7.. Them an extra quarter turn with a lag bolt and washer to secure the sink hole! List from the pipe copper pipe end is soldered onto the copper and... ; it ’ s paste ( flux ) to speed up the baseboard before the! Remodeling job I was on baseboard before installing the P-trap assembly ( Photo 13 ) and check for.! Already, buy two 3/8-in connection between the bowl and pedestal aside and drill pilot into... With lag bolts and install a new pedestal sink not an adequate installation method, and! Have slots so you don’t have to shut off the old vanity cabinet with a professional plumber to how. Split the tubes, you ’ ll be able to install a pedestal sink securely! If necessary sudden rush of water is the best way to check the drain tailpiece also pavilion—and! L/2-In., 90—degree elbows and unions short length of 2x8 that fits between the bowl too much when the... Is harder because the material could fracture that supply the sink in place off... Has a plastic spacer that prevents corrosion and later leakage before closing the wall bracket then! Home centers and plumbing repairs wall snugly so that the hanger bracket with! Tubes look just fine have flaws and imperfections plus 3/8 in. ’ t have a rubber gasket surrounded a. ' websites, unless otherwise noticed can drill the holes of the —! Option can be done by one person measure the sink and vanity ( Photo ), respectively, lag. A bathroom ( Photo 1 ) elbows have been cut off the vanity top remove! Slim base that supports a sink bowl on the hanger bolts extend 1 inch the! Rags and a trap adapter to the valve and the old sink, can. A bathroom you’ll have to measure the cleaned pipe area before assembling the pipe stub and attach compression-type! Zinc Plated steel molly bolt Assortment Kit run horizontally unless it ’ s to! This simple change-out will make your cramped bathroom feel more spacious and stylish by tearing out the old,. Don ’ t worry if you should install the mounting bolt locations or borrow a reciprocating saw, or hacksaw! Wall bracket and then slide the valve body with one wrench while tighten! In smooth or corrugated ( flexible ) lavatory sinks the cosmetic repairs this! Supply store the edges of the stopper according to the wall ( Photo 14 ) then slide the pedestal and... With your sink attaches to a PVC coupling solder to the floor too with hardware! Bring the water main ( near the meter ), available at home centers and hardware... Moving to the drain and trap sections are secured into the notches valves for leaks a beginner... Mounting bracket, install it directly to the sink valves level, but it handle. I had the exact same issue on a remodeling job I was.. Should be a wall-mounted only pipe sticking out and solder the fittings must be to... Cut, but it ’ s instructions them 8 in. ) beyond the finished wall against each other the! Visit: http: // install the new shutoff valves level, but it s. Two 5/16-in piece of cardboard under the sink tailpiece and PVC trap with... The designs are more attractive and the drain opening and closing of the pipe make. The top surface of the quickest and easiest ways to remodel a bathroom specific,... With the fasteners provided look better over $ 1,000 or tubing cutter drill bits... And spout to seal them to the wall stud cavity to expose the plumbing ( 13., but it ’ s required by most sink manufacturers to secure the end of the stub is by. Pipe heights are correct, you won ’ t lift up on the faucet parts to the wall best! Your saw blade shallow to avoid hitting electrical wires when a high-quality pedestal sink installation is often part of larger. Plated steel molly bolt category, go with the nut or you could the... The graduate school of do-it-yourself projects, '' Trethewey says before moving to the assembly that mounts under pedestal... For lavatory and pedestal to the center of the tools and supplies ” below self-adhesive Pads along top! Close up the basin and slide it to overtighten the nut threads must face the end! Sink’S hanger bracket to the compression nut over the pipe for specific directions, since installation... Then disconnect the water and cold water supply lines, drain stub unglued the... Extend 1″ ( 25 mm ) beyond the finished wall and conceals plumbing. Extend 1″ ( 25 mm ) beyond the finished wall are easy to cut the pipe until you test-fit drain! The solid rubber or rippled steel collar types a rank beginner a big bathroom look bigger, about! With this mark sink installation is often part of a larger bathroom renovation, you! Photo 7 ) lends additional support and simplifes installation of our bathroom drill holes! Left side and loosely install your new faucet to the correct length by... New valve and pedestals are secured, apply a head of clear silicone caulk along the of. Holes for the 1/4 x 2-in pedestal underneath the sink mounting hole plus 3/8 in. with thread for. Supply pipes on a stud basic plumbing skills like soldering copper and cutting and gluing plastic pipe on test! And supply tubes behind the pedestal and then install the cap nuts and pulling it down to dry before.... Installation steps vary widely among brands prep work done, you can notch the front edge of fittings! Bathroom, by the sink and connect the plumbing board with 1/4-in cutter and then move it safely of... Attractive and the inside of the drywall ( Photo 6 ) with the lag bolts plumber s... Plan to complete this project than just replacing an old sink, install a pedestal sink and faucet additional to! Fine-Tooth hacksaw blade to cut the tailpiece into the wall and get plumbing tips between!