We want to go back and learn the history of BTS since the very beginning! Right now, FESTA celebrations are in full swing, but “baby ARMYs” might be wondering what FESTA is and how it differs from another BTS event, Muster. The first and second Musters consisted of one concert in Seoul, whereas the third and fourth Musters had two concerts each. 2019 6th Anniversary. Every year, BTS celebrates their debut anniversary with ARMY through an event called BTS Festa. All FESTAs, aside from the first FESTA in 2014, have begun with “opening ceremonies”. Imelda Ibarra June 4, 2018. ... BTS First Anniversary Photo Album #1. BTS will spoil the ARMY with photos collection, family portraits, songs, videos, and finally, BANG BANG CON The Live online concert. So, BTS Jin indeed is sitting a special invisible chair. Due to often broke things that he holds or touches, BTS RM is called “God of Destruction.” One of the BTS Festa 2020 family portraits shows that one of RM’s shoe soles is cracked as if it was asking to be fed. 130628 Jin's Log. Hello there! BTS Festa/Gallery < BTS Festa. From the BTS family portraits they shared on the second day, ARMYs have noticed several amusing hidden details. 2” music video, filmed in Saipan in 2018. On June 13, 2013, BTS embarked on a journey that would change the music world forever.Every year since then, the members have celebrated their debut with FESTA, an event wherein they gift ARMY with new photos and video content, songs, and more. Aug 21, 2020 - A.R.M.Y | BTS has 7 members: RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, V, Jimin and Jungkook. The number of Muster concerts has increased over the years. The celebration begins with an opening ceremony on June 1, and it typically ends around two weeks later. SURPRISE FAMILIA! Post Views: 669. [2020 bts festa] bts الذكرى السنوية السابعة لـ bts family portrait ... عام ، على مدار السنوات السبع الماضية ، خاصًا جدًا لـ army لأنه شهر bts. 130612 DEBUT SHOWCASE ✧ GROUP FOCUS #6YearsWithOurHomeBTS pic.twitter.com/y7csAwIsZu, I need THE MAGIC SHOP. The setlist for Muster concerts is a mix of the old and new. A solo concert for us ~ Oh yeaah ! DECEMBER. Please add to the contents of this page, but only images that pertain to the article. in the pink concept is that OT7 Appreciation Day - BTS’ 7th Anniversary Free-for-all What does BTS mean to you How … BTS' annual FESTA celebration involves daily content for fans to enjoy. Some of the songs have never been performed during BTS’s tours, or if they have been, it was years ago. During this time, BTS spoils ARMY with new content such as photos, videos, and songs. A compilation of BTS's Bangtan Bomb clips uploaded in 2013. If you didn’t, here are some amusing hidden details from it. 2013 . 12 December The Fact Music Awards … the boots that BTS Jimin and BTS Suga wore on BTS Run. BOMB, 2C4S BTS-Trans 30 June 2013 J-HOPE, RM, JIMIN, V, JUNGKOOK. This makes Muster an ideal time for new fans to get to know the old BTS, and for old fans to relive their favorite eras. 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You can see that RM’s long silk coat is covering the rest of the bench. Edit. If you’re new to the fandom, BTS Festa is the time of the year where BTS celebrates their debut by sharing new content with ARMYs. BTS Festa A special 2 week long celebration that leads up to BTS’ debut anniversary. BTS 7th anniversary celebration, or BTS Festa 2020, which runs from June 1-13, the boys are still giving the best of them amid the coronavirus home-quarantine. To make things easier, here is a quick guide to FESTA and Muster! These fun (and often dorky) photos show BTS’s playful side. 2014 BTS FESTA – HILARIOUS COUPLES REACTION! Did you also notice some? This year’s opening ceremony was commemorated with an “Airplane Pt. The event is meant to honor BTS' anniversary when they debuted as a group on June 13, 2013. To know the details of how and where you can watch it, you can go to BTS BANG BANG CON The Live Details. 1 December Mini Masterclass with BTS (from Grammy Museum). Imelda Ibarra June 3, 2019. Birthday : 2013.06.13 Age : 1 year old Team Goals Seokjin : To get No.1 and become more closer than we are now Hoseok : To do a concert. Another thing that looks different Each year, BTS also releases profiles with goals and comments written by the members. Contact : press@kpoppost.com, the details of how and where you can watch it, Kdrama ‘Crash Landing On You’ Stars Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin Are Dating, The 23 Best Kpop B-Side Tracks of 2020, According to MTV, 8 Charming “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” Kdrama Filming Locations, BTS Suga will Participate in Big Hit’s New Year Eve’s Live Concert, Spend Your Holiday by Re-watching “Travel at Home” with These Kpop Idols, 5 Best Free Language Learning Apps To Learn Korean Language in 2020, BTS Festa 2020: All About BTS Profile 1 English Translation (Group Profile), BLACKPINK Members Dominates the King Choice’s “Queens of Kpop 2020”. BTS FESTA 2014-2018. The lanterns, books, pictures on This annual celebration usually starts on June 1 and lasts until the boys’ debut date, June 13. Last year’s Muster was inspired by BTS’s song “Magic Shop”, as seen in this teaser image. Talk.> Fancafe--June 4: BTS 1st Anniversary Photo album #2, Growth: Facebook: Album-June 4: Prologue '365 Days' Fancafe- … For this event, BTS “musters” their troops (aka ARMY) for what can be described as a fan meeting combined with a concert. LOG, 2C4S BTS-Trans 28 June 2013 JIN. During this time, BTS spoils ARMY with new content such as photos, videos, and songs. May 28, 2017 - Explore Emily Nguyen's board "BTS Pictures" on Pinterest. On Sunday, the BTS social media … Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Check Out Who Are the Current 9 Richest Kpop Groups! BTS debuted on June 13, 2013, under Big Hit Entertainment. Surprisingly, BTS Jungkook is wearing vintage sunglasses with sunburns that resemble King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. Seven-member boy group BTS is celebrating their first birthday! FESTA is an anniversary event that celebrates BTS’s June 13, 2013 debut. On todays Saturday Night Movie Night, as promised, we are watching 1 hour+ of BTS! The 2019 Festa kicked off on June 3, with the release of a BTS … BAP Blue Album Font. One of the concepts of BTS Family Portraits is Pink like in Persona. Name * Email * Website. What is the ‘BLACKPINK AROUND THE WORLD’ Global Project? ” 기념 축하 축제기간, 거의 매일 새로운 컨텐츠가 쏟아짐 2018 BTS 페스타 타임라인 💙180604 - 오프닝 세리머니 - 봄날 (Brit Remix ver. The Cracked Shoe Sole of “God of Destruction.” Due to often broke things that he holds or touches, … 4 December Jin Birthday,Melon Music Awards. Facebook Released BTS TinyTAN Special Edition Theme for Instagram and Messenger, November Most Popular KPop Idols Brand Reputation Rankings in Korea 2020, June 9. The most recent update, @BTS_official on Twitter, added “Still With You” by JungKook on June 4, 2020. It kicks off early in June and runs for about two weeks. the wall, and even the stairs are magic shop memories from 5th BTS Muster. [Eng Trans] Profile BTS Group name : BTS Meaning of name : To stop the suppression and prejudice and to defend our music and generation.