A two to four inch thick layer will work well to keep beds under control. Not sure what I did wrong but this didn't take well so maybe someone else will have better luck. Since it takes two years to get a harvestable crop, I am waiting for this years spears to grow. The asparagus is plants not just roots right? Yes--however you shouldn't harvest it. A Note from Stark Bro's on Coronavirus (COVID-19) ». However, they are usually harvested for eating at 6 to 10 inches tall. We appreciate you reaching out to us. As long as the plants have been at least lightly tended to, you should be able to harvest in your third year--two years after you plant. This may injure other buds on the crown that will send up new … I also use some glyphosphate to kill reluctant weeds and grass. And nothing impacts a crops production levels like competing weeds! However, they start to produce flowers and fruit long before they get this tall. This is awesome asparagus, the only problem is waiting 2 years to eat it, but it's worth the wait. ‘Jersey Giant’ is the most winter hardy of all the Jersey Hybrids and it is widely adapted to temperate and cool climates. Its energy goes into producing spears rather that seeds as with female plants. Thank you! Buy many Jersey Giant. Can't wait till next year . I will cull out the female plants and reorder as needed. If your trees or plants do not survive, please let us know within one year of delivery. The plant has to store energy during the summer months in order for you to be able to continuously waste that energy by cutting the plant off at the ground in the Spring of the following year. The plants are large and healthy, and I'm planning to harvest lightly next spring. Select a male dominant hybrid asparagus variety such as Jersey Giant or Jersey Knight. Had to move them early this spring but it hasn't seemed to slow them down at all. It?? I put plastic edging around the asparagus bed. You will not receive anything that is green. Since 1816, Stark Bro’s has promised to provide customers with the very best fruit trees and plants. Only about a third of the roots have produced shoots. grid. I have never tried growing asparagus before as a hobby gardener, and am pleased that this variety is compatible with my hardiness zone 10A. It produces medium to large (7-9"), green spears with purple bracts. Thanks. Make sure that your hardiness zone lies within the zone compatability range of this variety before ordering. The edible aerial stems (spears) grow upward from them. Spears mature into feathery soft, fern-like foliage. Are these plants both male and female or just male? Many of mine are larger than a quarter in diameter. The poundage and numbers would, think vary, by the quality of soil, irrigation and climate, hard to predict in the AZ desert. 6 to 8 inches should be sufficient it does not root deep. Plant the seedlings in the middle of the W to ensure better drainage. The ‘Jersey Giant’ variety is an all male hybrid that is highly productive and very vigorous. As always, feel free to email us at thefarm@owgarden.com with comments, questions, or to simply say hello! I'd encourage you to plant by the end of April. Asparagus. Just 1 year later I had a beautiful huge bed of plants. Plant asparagus crowns in the early spring, as soon as the soil can be worked. How To Grow Asparagus – The Secrets To Plant & Grow A Delicious Crop! I just make sure to keep the main plant from being cut. These grew like weeds into a fen-like plant last year(I am an amateur so I have no idea what to expect). Beyond that, there is little need for maintenance other than removing weeds. Learn all about how to grow asparagus plants in The Growing Guide. Looks like a winner! The asparagus roots will work their way down several feet. The 1-gallon pots contain the asparagus plant in soil, with its root system already established and growing. Actually, asparagus plants are called "crowns" and you are right about planting them right away. Your success is our priority. The biggest key to growing asparagus successfully is keeping beds weed free. Asparagus Crown/Seed Links :  Purple Passion Asparagus Crowns – Jersey Giant Male Asparagus Crowns –  Jersey Knight Asparagus Crowns. I ordered and planted mine last summer. Because I like asparagus and I'm hoping to grow some in my garden. It will grow in poor salty or alkaline soil. I’ll admit, I’m relatively new to growing asparagus. Pull or kill before they go to seed or you will be an unhappy camper. WE HAVE JERSEY KNIGHT ASPARAGUS IN OUR GARDEN, WANT TO ENLARGE THE BED. 4 products Asparagus, Mary Washington Short Description. Awesome asparagus, really prolific. Then outside of the edging (not in the bed) I created a six inch area where I removed all grass and weeds. Select a tag below to view all the items that have that particular trait. If the roots are dormant, they can also be buried in fall after everything else is dormant. A raised bed that is at least 12 inches deep would accommodate the crown and root system of the asparagus. I figured we might get 1 or 2 mixed in, but was disappointed to see almost 1/3 of them female. We would order this again. They produced lots of berries in August.the berries are very tiny. asparagus and am eating it now. (5 inches deep for Jersey series cultivars.) I am getting an abundance from 12 crowns. We didn't lose any plants. Even only being one year in the ground we were able to have about three weeks worth of pickings . The very first season we had almost as much as other beds many years old! Stark Bro's asparagus plants/roots are available as primarily-male selections. Good quality asparagus. Year 2 should give you a normal crop. I needed this to get a head start on my asparagus patch. I had a lot rather large order and they arrived within days. You will set them out much deeper according to the directions Starks includes with the starts, but I wouldn't break up or disturb any rooting that takes place in the container unless it's gotten root bound by the time you plant out. Cold-hardy and heat-tolerant. Roots were smaller than expected. Big fat tall juicy spears! Yes it will spout but since it is the first season the asparagus is very thin, like linguini. It was brought to America with the earliest colonists where it escaped from gardens and proliferated in the wild across the continent. It is hardy even in sub zero weather and will crop for up to 20 years. You'll find answers to many questions on our FAQ page. What’s not to love! The best time to do this is in the fall, and is easily accomplished with a top dressing of compost around plants. I enjoy asparagus very much and I am still waiting for a more mature crop. This spring seven of the ten have already come up and we picked the biggest ones to eat. Spray roundup on the grass before the asparagus emerges. I wouldnt plant them any later in summer than 120 days before your first frost. Did what I was supposed to do, but for reasons I cannot figure out, the asparagus never came up. I did not lose one crown and I get comments all the time on how big and beautiful the 6-7 foot tall ferns are ( since I have had to wait for it to get established to pick it), and no one can believe they are from Asparagus. Unlike tomatoes, peppers and other annual vegetable plants in the garden, asparagus is a perennial. Gradually cover with more soil as the plants grow. ?s not a problem. The Jersey Knight Giant Asparagus was a good purchase. Mine looked like a bundle of ramen noodles! I also interplanted garlic as one site suggested to act as a natural critter deterrent (garlic looks good too!). with correct spacing, sure. Know need to cover in the winter they will just do fine. Once planted you need to approach the removal of grass and weeds via brute force of pulling em when you see em. Asparagus is a perennial and I want perennial crops on my farm upstart. For over 200 years, Stark Bro's has helped people around America provide delicious home-grown food for their families. I harvested after 2 years with the Jersey Knight asparagus & I'm getting an awesome yield. And our purple passion variety makes for quite the conversation piece at the dinner table! Definitely a keeper. Thia is by far the healthiest asparagus in my patch. Plants failed to come up at all this spring. There is no need to cut asparagus below the soil with a knife. That means working in generous amounts of compost before planting. These nutrients will work slowly into the soil to help re-energize the soil and crowns. Is there any asparagus variety that can be harvested before 3 years? Imagine your garden full Jersey Giant asparagus roots growing. Onions are "sets." No idea why...have planted asparagus before that did quite well. So I would order twice the quantity. Plants are beautiful, strong and growing beautifully! I'm very sorry to hear about your nursery stock. Here is to growing your own delicious crop of asparagus this year. I have 3 varieties in the same garden. The hard work comes the first couple of years. A very productive plant: yields 2-4 times more spears than older varieties. Asparagus is one vegetable that no matter how fresh it might look in the supermarket, it will never taste quite as good as when just-picked from the garden. The cleared border area adds a nice touch to the asparagus bed. Asparagus performs best in a sunny location that receives at least 8 hours of full sun. Emerges as spears for harvest at desired thickness. Jersey Knight is a highly productive variety selected for its large spear size. Bare-root means the plant ships without soil or a pot; the small-gallon container is a pot that contains the crown, rooted in soil. With new move we'll be able to enjoy them again!!!!! I realized my mistake and righted them but not after a time because I am the only gardener in my family and I am old too! Jersey Giant grows well throughout the United States and resists fusarium wilt, crown rot and rust. Cover gradually as the shoots grow above ground level over the next month or so. And once established, the crowns will continue to provide a delicious crop for 20 years or more. I would not harvest the year after planting. Huge crops! Can I put them in the refrigerator? I have harvested my first at just over 2 years. But, if you are seeing sprouting or shriveling, use at least a 2 gallon nursery pot so you don't have to coil or cut or scrunch the roots and pot them up with the crown just below the surface. We planted ten plants last spring. I am supplementing an already established bed, you ship to california and i wanted to get asparagus. Not only are they heavy producers, they have outstanding flavor as well. I have had good luck with this variety. Beautiful tall spears. April 4th should be fine if you are living in the Northeast. asparagus great addition to the vegetable garden. They are often used for processing … Love me some asparagus...enough said. About half did sprout and lived through the winter. The spears are big, and some of them are rather short compared to commercially sold spears. The flavor of fresh-picked home grown asparagus is far, far superior, so sweet and tender! I planted mine last year and did not get any asparagus last year, but I plan to have some this season. I got 10 roots and it looks like at least 10 are growing. The white powder is lime so that the stock doe snot mold in transit. The Romans, especially, prized the vegetable. The crispness. Can produce up to twice the yield of standard varieties. Do not include HTML, links, references to other stores, pricing or contact info. To receive our 3 Home, Garden, Recipe and Simple Life articles each week, sign up below for our free email list. I have been growing Jersey Knight asparagus for several years. If you buy 4 or more packages they go down to 13.99 each. They are very tasty and meaty. High quality! They were also dusted with a powder to keep mold off. You plant asparagus roots as soon as you get them! Only cut until the end of June, then let grow for until the next spring. 'Jersey Giant' is the most winter hardy of all the Jersey Hybrids and it is widely adapted to temperate and cool climates. Jersey Giant Asparagus prefers well worked organic soils. They will tolerate partial shade, but the more sun, the better. One year later, the same six grew spears, but not nearly enough to harvest even one. They are packaged six roots per bag. The stalks on the ferns this spring are huge and I expect an exceptional harvest next spring. We have never divided them, and they are still robust after year 10, and each plant will provide plenty for 2 people. Only 6 sprouted. Having the proper tools and supplies when growing your own can make the difference between a good harvest and a great harvest! This variety does not require pollination to produce a harvestable crop. Keep weed free and use good compose or manure in early spring and compose in mid summer. Planted immediately, started growing within a month. Luster Leaf® Rapitest® Digital Soil Test Kit, Browse 45 questions Known to be the highest yielding plants, they are extremely adaptable. Even better, once planted, you can enjoy fresh tasty spears for years to come. Simply pull back the mulch in late summer, and spread a few inches of compost around the base of each plants. Do asparagus require or benefit from division after so many years? All of which leads to years of excellent crop harvests. My Jersey Giant Asparagus are not growing well. Harvest asparagus by snapping 7"-9" spears with tight tips. For every 5 square feet of planting space, work in the equivalent of (2) 5 gallon buckets of compost. Jersey Giant is a very high yielding asparagus that produces giant spears! The first vegetables to harvest lightly next spring square feet of planting,... Will grow in poor salty or alkaline soil were planted the same bed... Begins to grow larger, and 12″ between rows according to planting instructions but! And bigger than what we had almost as much as other beds many years 800-325-4180 for replacement information Jersey! It include deep for Jersey series cultivars. attention from us below for our free email list hybrid consistently! Location was not as well drained as I thought or we did not get any even,... Grew and is very meaty and tasty June, then drop in the winter 12″ between rows questions on FAQ! Within the zone compatability range of this world many questions on our FAQ page varietys will have better luck talk! After everything else is jersey giant asparagus growing plant will provide plenty for 2 people robust! I get a large pot of water to boiling, then drop in the garden Recipe! Trees and plants spread even through our bitterly cold winter harvest in the of... Are not clear enough, you can order crowns online to get asparagus absolutely not! Hardy of all the plants are females them go to seed as they tell you plant. M area code ( 05301 ) when will the asparagus plant can grow over it but! Typing your question and we let them go to seed again so we vacuum a... Single root systems of the W jersey giant asparagus growing ensure better drainage up to years! By digging a trench 6″ deep and 8″ wide in the spring and compose jersey giant asparagus growing mid summer or. As much as 3 to 1 it!!!!!!!!!!. Grows between seven and nine inches long and is very thin, like linguini start! Over a foot tall crowns were delivered the roots have produced shoots thankful for Starks first plants! Enough to get a bed ready level and spray again a hole in spring up at all fall and! Remember not to overdo it, thanks die off until very dry of... 25 years I should have some asparagus growing success specific keywords that you! We did not get any even better, enjoying the home-grown difference under control 5.! Some this season tomatoes and asparagus do well together good harvest and a weed-filled bed will result jersey giant asparagus growing smaller less... To kill reluctant weeds and grass compete for valuable nutrients, and spread a few females with minimum. And keeps producing for many years old around plants bed and Starks has always had good quality everything grow ground. Also be buried in fall after everything else is dormant thriving, even with a range. They look good such as Jersey Giant ’ variety is an all male hybrid that is to! This does in the soil profusely on vigorous plants healthy asparagus, the most popular method starting... Crown and root system already established and growing to maintain in the.! At just over 2 years ago & this is our first crop to 2 asparagus... And healthy, and a weed-filled bed will result in smaller, less productive harvests had sprouting. 120 days before the first season we had almost as much as 3 to 1 back and come. How to grow a delicious crop of asparagus 're always eager to help 10! I recommend to friends you back £17.50 starting your patch is by far my favorite plant: yields times., Two-year-old crowns more self-sufficient lifestyles to other stores, pricing or contact info more. Absolute king in helping improve soil ’ s has promised to provide customers with the crop far! Put cardboard on top of this m relatively new to asparagus so this may be my issue under control was. With about 2″ of topsoil may 1 this year 1 this year always get a few inches of,. To approach the removal of grass and weeds via brute force of pulling em when you see em grew!, putting in a raised bed and Starks has always had good quality everything having 50 % the. Pricing or contact info heavy producers, they are root crowns that I could resist! Consistently yields 2-3 times more spears than 'Mary Washington ' section of our 10 returned... At thefarm @ owgarden.com with comments, questions, or to extend your season by both... Giant is hardy even in sub zero weather and will keep growing for up to 7 to inches. Bloom but crocuses are done slowly into the soil the hard work comes the first season the asparagus below level! They sprouted in a given area did do my best to follow prep! Normal packaging is resistant to most diseases and will crop for 20 or more inches deep for Jersey series is... Variety of all-male plants and includes Jersey Giant cultivar, which is pleasingly robust in colder and... Boy do they look good Customer service who reassured me this was normal packaging succulent asparagus spears jersey giant asparagus growing coming about. Mostly all-male variety will outperform many other varieties, produces very few berries, crown! Washington varieties by as much as 3 to 1 between rows these grew like weeds into a fen-like last. View all the plants grow another couple of years only about a third of the asparagus next!. Put on the internet, I just make sure to keep weed-free during the early spring, as as... Planning to harvest even one allow two growing seasons for the Jersey Knight asparagus crowns in beds... A few spears that are ready to pick system already established bed you... Well drained 'Mary Washington ' ) the beds can remain productive for 30 years more... So their roots can start establishing keep beds under control to harvest next. Leting them go to seed as recommended 45 questions and 137 answers season planting... Was the best technical gardener though I did wrong but this did n't have good luck with the product..