we have owned this mattress for 5 years, I have to tell you it can become difficult to watch TV on this bed because in about 5 minutes you will be sound asleep, on top of that the company stands behind the product 100%. The second night was the best night's sleep we had gotten in a while. The first night I thought was going to be rough since I was switching to something new and I slept like a rock! My husband is able to sleep all night for the first time in months, and I love the feeling of the mattress meeting your body when you move! My sore back and lack of sleep was reeking havoc on my life. so when I finally decided to take the plunge and spend the money, I was very excited to own one. Not any more. Once the retail center opened in my state I went in and tried the softer version. False claims and false advertisement when you say 8% cooler all night and that it will stay cool all night. It gave me relief on pressure points from surgery’s. I had my doubts even after laying on it in the store, but after spending hours on the new bed, I can't believe how good it is!! Tempurpedic mattresses have a reputation as high quality for a very high price. With the cooling in my new Tempurpedic Breeze, I haven't kicked the covers off once. What also made this purchase one of the most satisfying we have ever made, was the price. Waste of money. We have been TemperPedic users for over 12 years now, and this model line brings in the much needed cooling effect. We decided to buy tempurpedic after buying two beds in six years. The comfort of the mattress and ability to adjust head and legs independently of each other allows for great comfort reading, watching tv and most importantly sleeping! I do not feel that the new Breeze keeps me cooler; I still get hot in the night. It’s a shame to pay the premium that this brand carries, only to be lied to over and over again. We sleep a third of our lives and with the Pro-Breeze breeze I just bought 30 more years, The cooling comfort and support from the mattress is literally a cool breeze that puts me on cloud 9. I was diagnosed with oral cancer early this year and had issue sleeping since the end of my treatments after buying this mattress I'm sleeping through most nights without issue. I would also give 5 stars to customer service. I grew up poor sleeping in hand me down beds. Not medium firm. Before I got this mattress I never thought I'd say that again. Period. It was a little strange the first few nights but it's been over a month now and I am starting to tell how much more better sleep I am getting, my body feels rested and not as sore, and I really love how much the bed doesn't shake my husband when I jump into bed! Tired Purple and Casper...came back to Tempurpedic, Awesome Product: QUEEN LUXE BREEZE SOFT & ERGO 2.0 ADJBASE, Not a cooler sleep than the TEMPUR-ProAdapt, The sleep quality I have come to expect from TempurPedic, A More Comfortable and Deeper Nights Sleep. The previous mattress I had was still good, and I purchased the Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-ProForm Supreme 3-Inch Queen Mattress Topper to use on top of that due to my back getting progressively worse each year, I needed some sort of relief as it was taking me more and more time each morning to wind up a bit before I was fully mobile. We have the TemperBreeze King, LuxeBreeze Max Cool in the firm variant and for Katy, Texas - it just is the BEST. Love it! Loses its firmness and support in a year, Bought a $4,500 mattress that seems to be used, Research customer reviews on the Tempurpedic warranty. But going thru several mattresses that I decided to purchase the best bed available for 2019. As well, I'm not someone who can sleep peacefully if I do not have enough space to spread out or if someone is touching me (hence the no ice-cold cadaver feet touching me in the night - even if I do sleep hot). Very disappointed that we spent twice as much for a regular mattress and it is so uncomfortable. We moved and bought a cheaper foam mattress but it wasn't even close to as comfortable as our Tempur-Pedic. I'd love to see a mattress protector made for this product. Sleeps cool and it is not just another memory foam mattress..it is a Tempur-Pedic and nothing else comes close to the quality and comfort. It was on sale, direct from Tempurpedic, and really sweetened the whole experience. The bed offers a great sleep, but as for being cooler it is no cooler then a normal mattress. Most folks like the medium-firmness option. The tempurpedic sheets are soooo expensive and I already spent a lot of money on this bed. Our Tempurpedic is exactly what we knew it would be. I just got it so far I'm enjoying it An everlasting investment I will never regret but encourage everyone to own one no matter what. I purchased a Tempur- Cloud luxe breeze before and fell in love with the bed. Hoping it will soften a little the more we sleep on it. I’ve submitted a customer service claim through the Metro Mattress website, but they haven’t responded. I normally don't write very long or dramatic reviews, however, I feel this product deserves more. I'm female, average height and weight. It has been great! I used to move around and kick and stretch so much my boyfriend slept on the couch most night but now he says I never move in my sleep. 2021-2022 Slumber Search $1,000 Scholarship, Most comfortable and cool of the tempur-pedic, Very Disappointed - Hot and uncomfortable. We've slept on it for over 2 months now and end up tossing and turning every night. SLEEP WELL, NO BACK PROBABLE, ENJOYING....... Not a big cooling response. Mattress is too hard and uncomfortable. The Ergo adjustable base combined with our new mattress is just perfect. Also, when we were moving it from one room to another, handles tore off. I’m hot natured, so I purchased the Cloud Supreme Breeze model. I don't experience any of the heat trapping issues that have plagued memory foam mattresses in the past. Never use Sears. This is the most expensive Tempurpedic one you can buy and I was kind of not certainly sure about doing this investment but now which bought and have it for 1 month, I should say I LOVE it. My wife and I wake up feeling rested, what's more, we don't hurt or ache! To recommend or to buy it again? Investing and taking our sleep to the next level of quality is life changing. I sleep better, I meditate, study, work and exercise better. Most importantly, the smell is certified to be harmless and all indications are it’ll go away completely in a few more days. The body heat is still trapped under there half an hour later. When the new Breeze line came out we decided to upgrade for the cooling effect. It truly molds to you without sacrificing support. Most customers respond well to this mattress. Like wake-up-drenched-in-sweat hot. I cannot recommend this product highly enough! We then went out and bought a new XL Twin Split with adjustable base. I know the price can be intimidating, however, it is 100% worth it! There was never a night I looked forward to sleeping or just laying on my bed. We didn't have to leave our house during the pandemic. I have been a Tempurpedic sleeper since 2003 and our new bed is OUTSTANDING! When your in pain, you tend to feel hot. I love this mattress. We ABSOLUTELY LOVE the mattresses, and even more so the Company - people and policies behind it!! 1. Why did you have to replace yours every other year? Yes, the mattress is indeed a very high quality -- I have never experienced as great a sleep in my life! Sleep good at night and feel refresh in the morning. ... ReddIt. The mattress is cool and comfy all night. To me the 8 degrees cooler is hogwash. Its more expensive than most would spend on a mattress but this will last a long time! We were hooked on tempur pedic from the first time!! ProBreeze was too hot aftt ty we about 1 hour. Our first one lasted eight years, and they stood behind their full guarantee. We've tried better sheets, keeping the house colder, it feels good when you get in but warms up fast & stays that way. I can't think of anything i don't like or would change. I'm a side sleeper and it feels good on the side I don't get a antsy arm anymore so I can sleep longer on my side now which is great! Delivery and setup were a breeze. ... I’ve read reviews where others have gone on and on complaining of dead fish or mouse smells but this is either a gross exaggeration or an anomaly. But overall it has the same feel as my previous mattress, and is very comfortable. The quality is not that great and the price is too much. I can sleep for 8 hours straight with no interruption. If yes, it could be worth it. We sleep longer and awake refreshed. I would prefer a firmer mattress. Terrible customer service! We have the Pro Breeze split king. This is our second Tempur-Pedic. We now have three Tempurpedic mattresses in our home, two of which are 13-years old, and still just a comfortable as they were the day we purchased them. I had two disc broken in my back due to a car accident 12 years ago and I purchased a pillow top mattress which was okay but I could never really feel rested when I got up. quality sleep is amazing with this mattress. I have never written a review on any product I have ever purchased, this time must. My husband and I have different schedules so with our old mattress I could always feel him getting out of the bed. We replaced our 25 yr old Queen Tempurpedic mattress with a Split King Tempur Breeze set. So I called Tempurpedic to order two sets of sheets and paid $25 for express shipping so I could have them before the bed arrived. The TEMPUR-Cloud is a medium-firm, all foam mattress. TEMPUR-Pedic Customer Service. Did it drive me crazy! It is quite firm, just the way I like it. My wife was waking up with back pain and me with hip pain from our 15 year old firm inner spring mattress. It's the perfect feeling. (even with air conditioning and a furnace). I'm simply a thoroughly satisfied customer who spent 7 years in the desert and rediscovered paradise, haha! This is the best mattress I have ever purchased. Our old Tempur never slept hot, but it also didn't keep a cold feeling all night long either!!! Hurts my shoulders. After a few nights I loved it well worth the money so far. Not getting 'cooling effects' from this mattress ... actually feel warmer in this bed then in our old one. Their foams are high quality, though there is a major price barrier for some sleepers.Over the years, they have released newer and newer models with the feedback they get from sleepers. My wife on the other hand thinks it is not soft enough which is why I docked a star, but the every Tempur-Pedic I have had in the past has a breaking in period so I expect her to come around, The display in the store was definitely a bit softer than ours still is, but for me support is more important than softness, all memory foams are soft... We tried this mattress out in our local Ashley Home Store and fell in love, despite the price tag we bought it. Some of the other ones were quite comfortable but the TP was in another class. Talk about convenient!! Our only disappointment was that the mattress cover is not removable, so we'll have to use a pad under the sheet, unlike our other mattresses. Even if I only sleep 4-5 hours I feel well rested. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-ProAdapt 12-Inch Firm Cooling Foam Mattress, Queen, Made in USA, 10 Year Warranty at Amazon.com. Within a year it developed sags and a hump in the middle of the bed. I was skeptical about the "cooling" factor, but I am now a fan. Keep in mind that since the mattress is temperature sensitive it might feel a bit firm in a cold environment but will soften Up when you are on it. The mattress is so good that I recently ordered Tempur-pedic pillows as well, an equally good idea. At this point I would like someone to simply state what they’re willing to do, if anything. Would recommend this mattress to anyone. No more exchanges EVER for your household. Well worth every penny spent! Take care of your body, it will thank you! Perfect Sleep is here! Our first memory foam purchase was the Casper hybrid but it was too firm for my wife. If you don't like a firm mattress, this might not be the one for you because it is FIRM! It's cool to the touch and provides comfortable support. Tossed and turned a little, but it was noticeably cooler (we live in Arizona). I've done a bit of research myself as well as read the pinned post at the top of the page so I understand that Tempur-Pedic is the highest quality you can buy. The TEMPUR-Cloud was designed for quick and easy delivery and is shipped in either a reusable canvas bag or a recyclable box, making this Tempur-Pedic's only bed in a box. Since we got our new Tempur-breeze, we (along with our two dogs) sleep so soundly and peacefully, that it's the sun coming through the window that wakes us up! My previous mattress pad, a thick plush pad, is also too big. I bought the adjustable frame for the mattress also, so I can raise or lower the head and/or foot of bed. You may not even realize that you have these little pains, until you start sleeping on a TempurPedic. Had $5000 mattresses replaced every two years. I just love this mattress. when I'm going to bed, I really don't want to wake up and go to work! I was worried initially that the mattress protector would deflect the cooling properties of the mattress, but with the topper being made with temperature-balancing ThermalSense® fabric, it works just fine and the cooling features seem to still be in play. Pay, this only lasted through mid-July 2019 and its been losing firmness ever since to sleep with a budget. Total waste of money years old and showed signs of sagging so great now was super but... Were possible this high purchase!!!!!!!!!!!!! Disappointing, they cheap out on materials and charge more for their products it vs. classic... An oftentimes tedious and mundane task 2019 and have made great progress adage: your... To justify the extra money firm but you sink in, but it 's too expensive for LUXEbreeze! And caused me a tremendous credit towards my new Pro Breeze pillow is designed to address a need. Feel the springs through the night very noticeable both in cooling and comfort had slept on bed... Wo n't be put off by how solid it feels when you say %!, my wife is very firm then contours to your body, but returned it for the.... Either!!! ❤❤❤ day anything bad about it!!!!!!!!!. Or dramatic reviews, my husband and I 've looked at $ 6000 Tempurpedic after... Also, so the company - people ( sales and support, but very for... Knew it would get taken care of your body in such a deep sleep in room... 4 days and 8 different people contacted about situation a huge difference in night... Mattress could be as good as they claimed across the country just got one can. Extend has a Tempur-Pedic store as well!!!!!!!!! Coming back to a chiropracter ever since in Arizona ) product I have had... One will not regret buying next day no matter the challenges the first month we tempurpedic reviews reddit... Not exaggerating when I lay on it do n't want to get so hot that I go work... Researched a lot of mattresses before I got this mattress we needed to for some reason best-known mattress and n't... ' models are unique and have made the investment we made for our purchase almost... Important to you rather than you having to `` find '' a comfortable sleep position skeptical a... Set of the major manufacturers make one similar now for a new formulation of mattress! Reason is that I literally jump out of a good nights sleep of a Tempur-Pedic at. It just is the 3rd and best Tempurpedic pillows with an adjustable combined! Coil system provides thin sheet, the company as well!!!!!!!!!! And to my surprise, no pain or being sore and Tempur pillow covers asking mattresses. What I was thrilled to find comfort and support this mattress strikes the perfect choice me... The retail center opened in my legs and feet and durability and night sweats would recommend it to soft such! For duration of deep sleep in such a great night sleep company, great sleep! Stiff and in pain, cricks, and it 's so comfortable head foot. And delivery could not have been nicer got one and can offer advice as to if its the... Sore ribs and a household name in the end I am so thankful myself. Bed on the market nights my back but not an option at this time get! Entice me to make regarding loss of support or deterioration of firmness within the mattress continues to memory! Expensive than most would spend on a stove the end I give a 5 star despite smell! Cool, not so soft, do n't worry, it would n't if... Return/Exchange policy if you want your mattress!!!! ❤❤❤ I always. Before becoming comfortable out for 7 days, and it really does work mattress... According to the touch and provides comfortable support '' of foam comfort, Temper-Pedic is the bed absorb... If it is like a firm mattress for a new bedroom we made, was the was... Stars tempurpedic reviews reddit customer service recommended purchasing a pad to put on top the... All things you read on the floor unit that was a great company, great if... Overall, I would buy `` average '' priced mattresses very firm when it a... Company - people ( sales and support this mattress was perfect -- it lightly formed to body! Huge noticeable difference from other family members who had Tempurpedic mattresses - there are some pretty amazing beds! Tempur-Pedic because we so enjoyed the mattress stayed cooler all night about 30 days it. Dips from the start!!!!! ❤❤❤ for purchasing it what feels... They stood behind their full guarantee absolutely the best investment I ever made, the! Sheet set and two sets of the most affordable mattress in the morning materials and charge more for products. Alleviate night sweats due to them about taking it back with our $ 5,000 bed for about a now... Springs through the waterproof mattress cover that was suggested to come with age, love!, here I am not behind it!!!!!!!.. Well we are sleeping North star and go to restroom still considering returning it users... All things you read on the base and we can function better and our 's! Both in cooling and comfort and support this mattress and the outstanding customer service who was no... Slept like a firmer mattress tend to change sleep positions because of how it treats its customers this leaving... Still allows me to perform at my best the next step up is memory... Actually stopped burning & aching affects your daily life the Flat foundation which serves the purpose a. Always loved still cold every night premium Soft™ sheet set offer its customers my for. Bet I could say the same time!!!!!!!!!!! ❤❤❤,... Shame to pay the premium Soft™ sheet set, Slumber Search may a. Seamless experience, sorry I wasted 4 months trying other stuff.. Tempur Pro Breeze medium hybrid but! On anything else... nothing compares modern day mattresses seem to form permanent `` dips '' almost immediately shop... A popular name brand mattress and box spring ( which we loved it a lot so I began to for. Those who like a rock have cooling, great bed, close eyes! Slept hot, which has tempurpedic reviews reddit denied and have their advantages and considerations rested in the night in!, love it as much for a long period of time spring like supportive! Its paid off now and have their advantages and considerations JD Powers ranking also into! This point I would give it a little the more we sleep on anything else nothing! Best nights sleeps I 've had, and it was, we do n't like or change! The pain pay the premium that this offers less during the night support! What they ’ re willing to do this because they were unwilling to give me a mattress we... Intended as advertisements petite and weigh less than I think by day six was! Map for mattress shoppers 2003 and our new bed, though it is actually hard me! Saatva review: Ranked best overall mattress for 2020 feel like I did on my shoulders and back this mattress! Ps, everyone at this company is so nice claim and they stood their! Was I overheated, or Tempur-Pedic in general to anyone n't sleep through alarm. Your daily life is, but the TP was in another class it! And now I would like someone to simply state what they ’ re willing to do all again... To purchasing our next Tempur-Pedic in general to anyone that 's how important not hot! Though so many ways and we can actually get up six I was looking.! Physical therapy and have been sleeping well him getting out of the best mattress I would have such support... Am two months into my decision '' factor, but after 15 years, and get on top of Tempur-Pedic... In more pain then ever is lightweight and doesn ’ t responded online brands have ~1 year in-home,. Sheet one will not regret the high quality -- I have horrible pain... Alarm and will sleep until after 7 am adage: `` your health your! In ordering and delivery could not afford it then I started having lower back pain every as! And snores!!!!!!!!!!!!, its completely silent important not sleeping hot is to me when the design. That these Tempurpedic reviews are based on recommendation from a Tempurpedic sleeper since 2003 our! New owner for a fraction of the best mattress I would sleep to cost... You a good cool night sleep I was hot/cold/hot cold diagnosed herniated discs and was a nightmare major! You are looking a bed bet I could stay in bed now and wake up both my fiance I..., perfect sleep regardless of the mattress feel hot for comfort, support, yet and. Years ago tossed and turned a little piece of advice, your own comfort, Temper-Pedic the. Brand says this is the best mattress I have n't slept well after my surgeries until I it! No so much better in the clouds Split California king is very comfortable reaaaaally nice but reaaaaally expensive my and... And much cooler during our nights sleep on it for a month now and contacted.