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Realms of Rebel
RAS Records (CD#3263) 

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Release Date: April 24, 2001
Produced by Donovan Germain and Tony Rebel
For Flames Productions
Mastered by Jim Fox at Lion & Fox Studios

Track List:
  1. Loyal Soul Jah
  2. Si Jah Esta A Lado De Me
  3. Hypocrites
  4. Perilous Times
  5. Things Take Time
  6. Things Will Work Out
  7. Need Your Love
  8. One Love
  9. Rasta Right Again
  10. Judgement
  11. A So We Like It
  12. Unconditional Love
  13. Brothers
  14. Who Is?
  15. Queen Divine
  16. Praises In The Morning

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Tony Rebel establishes once again that he is a champion torch bearer for reggae music with his newest release Realms of Rebel.  This crucial RAS Records album contains 16 tracks which personify the essence of reggae music and rastafari.  Rebel calls for a spiritual awakening on songs like One Love, Brothers, Who Is and Praises In The Morning, and pleads for moral upliftment and for people to stand strong on Loyal Soul Jah, Rasta Right Again and Judgment.

Though Realms of Rebel is Lalibela's first album in several years, many 7" singles were released during that time, both on Penthouse and his own Flames Records label.  Several of these are featured on Realms of Rebel, including A So We Like It, Hypocrites, Queen Divine (Mama), and Si Jah Esta A Lado De Me, the Spanish version of his big hit "Jah By My Side" sung over a reggae-mambo-latin rhythm. Be on the lookout for the video of this song which was just filmed in Puerto Rico.

Tony Rebel demonstrates his versatility in riding any rhythm, whether singing over nyahbinghi, reggae, dancehall or mambo.  He has a remarkable ability to merge his roots rastafarian beliefs with dancehall beats, and projects his convictions and ideologies in an aura that is authentic and inspiring.  "Know your responsibility as well as your potential and ability" proclaims Rebel.

Dancehall music has often been criticized for its slackness, disrespect for women and glorification of guns and violence.  RAS Records has recently embarked on a "Clean up the dancehall" campaign.   A (bobo) broom is even included in their promotional materials!  With its conscious lyrics and positive message, Realms of Rebel is a magnificent contribution to this musical crusade. 

In addition to a prolific musical career, Tony Rebel has also guided many other artists on their musical paths, like Garnett Silk, Everton Blender, and Jah Mason.  Since 1993, Flames Productions has held Rebel Salute, the annual celebration of Rebel's earth day that has become the hallmark of roots concerts Jamaica. The world needs more torch bearers like Tony Rebel.

Daniel (RAW#495)

Tony Rebel - Reggae On The River 2000

Rebel on the River - 2000
Photo by Daniel

Tony Rebel Tour Dates:

May 25
Maritime Hall
451 Harrison Street
San Francisco, CA
(415) 974-0634

May 26
1133 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA
(831) 454-0600

May 28
University of California Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA
(310) 825-9912

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