And we all know, Butterfly has always been the sad song we listen to before we fall asleep :sweat_smile: This is yet another emotional classic by Bangtan! The songs highlight how different each member of the group is and how those differences help make BTS who they are as a group today. Discussion I have these songs that even though I really like them, I hardly ever listen to them because it just puts me in a state of sadness, for bts it’s young forever and butterfly prologue version,, I hardly ever listen to those or else my heart will begin to hurt and I … In sad times, it's a comfort to hear the lines: "In the dark night (don't be lonely)/Like the stars (we shine)/Don't disappear/Because you're a great existence/Let us shine". sad bts songs that will make you cry By Ysabella Agbanglo. ‘2 Cool 4 Skool’ Release Date: June 12, 2013. Love Is Not Over - Soulful, soul-baring piano ballad, then when the production kicks in it turns into a soulful R&B jam about loving even though someone leaves. :sob: 2. When I first heard Mama, I had so many heartfelt things I wanted to say to my mom. BTS songs about depression and mental health changed me as a person completely. Intro: 2 Cool 4 Skool (feat. 4. I'm going to be honest, I cried while writing this because of the feels I got from pouring my heart out into this blog. The songs are just in a random order, no rank ^^. And I just thought it was sweet of Hobi to write a song thanking his mom :innocent: :innocent: Jin's vocals, I have to say, is what made this song more emotional than it already was. (Sea got copyrighted so i had to remove it, sorry:( it was literally my favorite song)I'm sorry for being unactive in 3 months. Jungkook and Jin were perfect to sing on this song and as I was listening to it, warm tears just streamed down my face. As a Yoongi stan, this song hit me hard. Listen to sad bts songs now. Youth will forever live on! This song, from the start I started to tear up even without looking at the lyrics. Silver Spoon. Honestly, has been one of my favorite BTS songs since forever and I just can't let it slip. (With tears streaming of course). As a 1st generation Army, this song really hits me in the feels~ :sob: :sob: :sob: I love how it's a song dedicated to us Army!! Sad BTS songs 'cause sometimes you just feel like crying. Play on Spotify Every word stabbed me in the heart because it felt like he was talking about me. When you really look at the lyrics, you can see it’s about isolation, loneliness, depression, and feeling as if you don’t fit in. :fist: :innocent: :heartbeat: :heart: So Far Away ft. Jin and Jungkook :heart: There isn't too much that u can say for this song except that it was beautiful!!! Alright now you can start reading. It's just that beautiful. The Truth Untold BTS, Steve Aoki • Love Yourself 轉 'Tear' 4:02 0:30. And then ChimChim's high note makes it more heartfelt and it gives me hills every time! BTS Sad Songs, a playlist by Polina Bratoeva on Spotify Top A playlist featuring BTS and RM We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. to provide catharsis and get your feelings out, we recommend singing along to them at the top of your lungs. Honestly, I humbly relate to this song in regard to my passion for music. And we all know, Butterfly has always been the sad song we listen to before we fall asleep :sweat_smile: :heart: Hold Me Tight :heart: This is yet another emotional classic by Bangtan! This makes me cry so much! You all might have different opinions on which songs are sad. :satisfied: :heart: :heart: This song makes me cry also. There may also be additional special offers attached. Which song are you most like? Their voices and the music production itself just makes me feel very emotional. "Memories are crumbling, like dead flower petals." Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. 31 songs. a mix of poetry and philosophy, because they (bts) create more than music, with a … So yeah, the lyrics is what I love the most about this song. And we as Army don't have to let anyone try to bring us down for loving Bangtan! I don't really know how to put this feeling into words but I guess the title of the aiming speaks for itself. Actually this is the first time I have ever related to a song this much. I really enjoyed this song and it somehow gave me a very nostalgic feeling. The ultimate call-out to the older generation, this song is a rallying cry for young … Tomorrow is by far one of my favorite songs of BTS. Music is my First Love. Let Go BTS • FACE YOURSELF. "Even if there are scars on my feet, I'll smile when I look at you." And I know this is a little late but... :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts: I dont know how old this is but Run made me cry. Honestly at first, it didn't because to me it was just a very soft and mellow song but once I red the lyrics... :cupid: My hearteu~ :tired_face: Especially when they repeat "bogoshipda" because it reminded me of someone that I really really miss. 5:23 0:30. Just type it into the search box, we will give you the most relevant and fastest results possible. The music video also shows many scenes in which the boys are alone or sad. And the MV just added on! - Run. Play BTS hit new songs and download BTS MP3 songs and music album online on So, I would like to share some of the best BTS songs about depression and BTS songs about social issues. It made me want to just run up to her and hug her (which I did). It's just too much :cupid: :confounded: :confounded: :confounded: Taehyung's voice just really touched my heart in this song. :broken_heart: :broken_heart: :broken_heart: :broken_heart: This is possibly one of the most relatable songs out there. It's like the wind that gently strokes me. Honestly, I can't find a way to put my feelings about this song. “When we don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend, we always say, ‘Oh, I’m so lonely. BTS songs have a variety of themes. A song written by BTS for ARMY, it's got a reassuring and heartwarming message that considers how vast the world is, and how lucky we are to have each other. Born Singer. We have 13 albums and 221 song lyrics in our database. I was reading the lyrics while watching the music video and it just hit me in the feels, Path is so amazing too, when the vocals come on, I CRYYYYYYYY, You are good at describing the songs and feelings you got while you listnined was relatable :blush: it's a good blog, This is a Community where everyone can express their love for the Kpop group BTS. aesthetic alternative article bangtan bts happily happy days hope hoseok jimin jungkook kpop love yourself music namjoon quotes seokjin taehyung yoongi Posted to … I will ride or die with my FAMILY! And Army, you are like a second family to me and I love all of you for who you are! Play on Spotify. 3. "Your light touches me and I forget reality. Basically, they’re using “the most lonely creature in the world” comparably to themselves. Today I decided to write a blog on BTS's sad songs. By using our website and our services, you agree to our use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy. I want a date,’ or … It kind of reminds me of the feelings I have towards​ a certain someone. 1. I hope you like it Don't Forget to Subscribe #bts #sad #songs #playlist I'm a born singer A little belated confession (I swear) :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat: Here, we have another classic! The thought of holding the one you love is just- agh. Your search for Bts Playlist Sad Songs will be displayed in a snap. His voice brought out the emotion that the lyrics themselves couldn't do alone. It made me who I am today. :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: Thank you for taking the time to read this. Butterfly (Prologue Mix) - Butterfly is a sad song in general (it's about someone disappearing from your life) but the prologue mix just cranks it up to 11. As soon as he started singing, I was singing along with him. We expect to bring you more choices and encourage your qualifying purchases. This SONG PEOPLE! It's like dust that gently drifts along." Songs like "Spring Day" can be rather sad, while others like "DNA" might give off a youthful vibe. Listen to sad bts songs in full in the Spotify app. They helped me, I hope they can help you as well- It helped me transition from a horrible life to a acceptance based life. it's been a while since my last. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Yeah, I know this may sound exaggerated but it's honestly how I feel that it happens. And the feeling of not being able to do something, to fly, is a feeling I can strongly relate to. It's a beautifully written song as well. This verse specifically calls out those who attempt to marginalise him. And Namjoon's vocals were beautiful as well. Use of Magnifying Makeup Mirror in Fashion World, Yellow Xanax bar: A jump over stress-restricted life. The hanging of the shoes in the tree also is a very sad scene. Soyou x … They debuted on June 12, 2013 with the song "No More Dream" from their first album 2 Cool 4 Skool. I had come to notice that every time an emotional song comes on, the sunshine of my happiness is slowly covered by sad emotion, clouding my mind with nostalgic memories that make me cry while listening to the song repeatedly, hours on end. That's right. Hello ARA! :notes: :sparkling_heart: So that'll be it for this blog! So that's what lead me to doing what I'm doing now! 2 Cool 4 Skool Tracklist: 1. 1. See more ideas about bts quotes, bts lyrics quotes, bts lyric. “Spine Breaker,” Skool Luv Affair (2014) Early on in the group’s career, BTS set itself apart by boldly … 2. BTS Songs Download- Listen to BTS songs MP3 free online. … I love this song so much and once again, the high note at the end gets me every time! Bts songs that make you feel melancholic? People always try to bring me down for my passion but I won't let them! I love this song to bits! Thank you for being so kind and caring, despite all that we've been through, the ride was worth it. What inspired me to do this blog was when I was casually listening to music on my playlist. I just can't explain it. bts songs that make me cry yes I forgot some songs and I apologize :(Instagram: byunjeons Crystal Snow BTS • FACE YOURSELF. Now this....this is just...gah! - Run. Here's songs (in no particular order!) But hear that he also went through this broke my little heart :broken_heart: It was emotional without knowing the translation but once I saw the lyrics, I couldn't help but love it more! BTS (Hangul: 방탄소년단; RR: Bangtan Sonyeondan), also known as the Bangtan Boys, is a seven-member South Korean boy band formed by Big Hit Entertainment. ~Now these songs are sad according to my list. We ensure you will be satisfied with the results we give. I don't get happy listening to it because it's so sad but I do feel a lot better because I relate to the lyrics. Music genuinely makes me happy and so does BTS. our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. BTS wouldn't be BTS without RM, Jin, Suga, J … I personally find Whalien one of the saddest BTS songs. :confounded: :heart: This song hurt me so much when it first came out. So this brought many tears of failure to my eyes :'). :innocent: :fist: This another all-time favorite of mine! This is something that any celebrity of any kind can relate to and even as young teenagers, it still applies. I relate to this so much but except with BTS and my love for music in general. (Sea got copyrighted so i had to remove it, sorry:( it was literally my favorite, hi cuties! View BTS (방탄소년단) song lyrics by popularity along with songs featured in, albums, videos and song meanings. - Butterfly. Sep 20, 2018 - Explore Makumaku Mak's board "BTS quote (sad)" on Pinterest. BTS lyrics - 242 song lyrics sorted by album, including "Life Goes On", "Blue & Grey", "Dis-ease (병)". :blush: :smile: Yet another song by Min Yoongi himself. Suga’saggressive solo rap song is full of his thoughts and contains a lot of anger. 4:59 0:30. I'm so happy that they are where they are today and it makes me hella proud. sad bts's lyrics 22.3K 985 22 a whole book dedicated to the most depressive, sadest and best bts's lyrics.