Any savings on electricity has been eaten up by replacing LED lights every year. No mater which way arange them, if both are not in,none of them work, so I would say the whole string is dependent on both. 1) These starnds are actually split up into 3 sections and a bulb going out will kill that section of the strand. Or UL n CSA. I know in regular incandescent christmas light sets, that if too many of the bulbs go out, then the entire set starts to fail quickly. There is a little square box that all three female part connectors hang from , but that’s sealed shut too. What could be causing this? So I still don't know how my sting is wired or why the voltage seems to be passed down the string but the LEDs aren't getting the required forward voltage. For light strings that commonly have over 50 bulbs, they are constructed in 2 or more continuous circuits. Terms — I still maintain we should all contact UL and CSA and get their 'stamps of approval' removed from these crap light manufacturers in S.E. No lighting on those. Socket tab. Any other color will not work well. It seems most plugs have it there. It is possible that the cold is causing the clasps inside the plug to not function properly. I have the same problem and i tried to fix it, my Christmas lights are 120v and 60Hz AC. ( Couldn't return them, already threw out box, stupidly, being so 'trusting' 'cause they DID work in the store !). The next strand in the series works so I am assuming that it is not a break in the wire and must be a bulb. So, this idea that there are actually two independent circuits seems to make sense to me. The actual failure turned out to be poor soldering and not component failure. But i have looked at the whole string and i can't decide what the problem is, please help me with step by steps instruction. I know, I know. Quality products installed properly protect against this problem, but it does still happen from time to time. Loadster, Roddy, Harvey, et al, and Danny. I put both sets up and accidentally dropped the connector between the two sets into the gutter which had standing water in it. You should be able to remove the bulbs one a time and measure using a multimeter on diode setting and find one that has high reverse voltage and and also high forward voltage. The whole string used to work, and it's only about a year or two old. Depending on the type of circuit, serial, or parallel, you may be able to replace the bulbs individually. I tried reversing the plug and it didnt make the other end light up. Thanks OldTurkey. wire to complete the circuit so try to find the proper diameter extension wire or place a few wavy bends in it to insure contact. Failing repairing the 2nd half, I might cut the string in two and just insulate and seal the cut end with heat shrink. (hopefully...). I am going to replace them all with 25 light strings so they can be replaced or checked more easily! Happy Holidays...:-), 12/14/2011 by You may freely link This contains the global rectifier. We may be talking Apples n Oranges here. oldturkey03, hi can take a set of lights by themselves and they work but when i attached the other lights i am only getting half power could anyone tell me the problem to help me i suffer from cancer and the lights are a pain in the ass could you please help me at thank you kindly mikr happy new year, 01/05/2016 by LED #7 proved to be the problem. On a 200 light set, there are five parallel strings of 40 LED bulbs. I can’t figure out where a fuse would be. Give it a try and thanks for the Christmas Spirit....Good luck. They also need the voltage to be greatly reduced.... from 110 down to about 5. What the heck is the point of having LEDs that save electricity and are supposed to last 250,000 hours if you can't even get them through 1000 hours? I do not recomend doing this because unless you are a electronics tech. Give me back the old ‘2-wire’ incandescent’s, those worked for decades , if ONE went out, you replaced that light , not the whole string ! The polarization of the two poles, and not current flow from one to the otheris what makes that space in between give off light. Make sure your replacement bulb has the exact same ANSI letter code, voltage, size, and shape. As long as the bulb lens has not been cracked or broken, then the light set will continue to illuminate with the exception of any individual bulbs that are not working. Controlling the voltage on incandescents makes much more sense. D. Expensive as LED's may be, they are NOT worth the 'tearing of hair' and increased 'blood pressure' TRYING to get working. This should not at all be this difficult to repair something that you buy brand new. Welcome to ifixit and hope to learn ore from you. Most of them have a little tab in the plug that you pop open and you should find 2 small fuses in there. Triacs work. Would it be the first bulb in the series that is out or could it be any of them? Temporarily turn off the power source. oldturkey03. 'Standardization' of socket size would be nice, like the old incandescent's . I expected it to last 8-10 years. So i looked at the fuse and the fuse was OK, so then i looked for any bad light and i think i found it. Once. They look like a tiny push button) are now in their 11 th year and still working except for the one half string that failed a few years ago. Check to make sure your connections are good for the red, but if what you are experiencing is that they are “almost turning red", you may be suffering too high a voltage drop from your controller to the strip by using too small gauge wire. Alternating Current (your house current) fluctuates or oscillates 60 times a second.. hence "60 hz". All 'sockets/bulb holders' are different sizes. Corrison starts and it's just a matter of time until the bulb and socket are shot. Yep. I fixed mine by taking a copper wire about 1.5 cm (5/8") long and inserting it into the hole alongside the broken terminal wire. I think CSA should ‘pull’ their ‘Stamp of Approval’ from ALL LED light manufacturer's in ALL countries until they can make these light strings WORK consistently, and for a long time . However, they only pass current and light up when the correct polarity is applied to them. Hello everyone, I am brand new to the forum and am about to be a first time... Hi I am installing undercabinet LED strips. If there was a problem with one of those sub-sets, just that set would not light. Low and behold, I found 5 of the lights from the side that didn't work would not light. I have two animated outdoor lighted reindeer decorations that I bought last year and when I put them out this year I found that only half the lights work. Keeping them upright is really impossible. Failing HID Generator. A. They are steel and are not as flexible as brass or bronze leads that are common on the older mini-bulbs. I'm not going to the trouble this year since the lights are already on the house, but next year I'm just going to move string #2 to an end location of one of my light runs. These are characterized by a string that has alternating 4-wire, 3-wire, 4-wire etc. You are right in that I cannot get into that end at all to discern and/or repair the issue. View our Privacy Policy here. When you buy new LED strings pull each LED out and coat the contacts in each socket with the dielectric grease before you place the string into service. If you get one half to light its not the fuse as one fuse is for both halves. Maybe I'll take them to the Gun Club, might be fun using those little bulbs as .22 (or bigger) targets ! !, buy a different design next time GE or not GE. There is always more than one way... :-) Happy Holidays.. 11/27/2011 by E. The 'Chinese/Vietnamese/ whatever, manufacturer's, WITHOUT 'standardization' and 'Quality Control', WIN ! I piled up all my strings with 1/2 not working or half really dull. And bright loud and hot makes you go oooh! it seems my Nova outdoor lights are susceptible to water infiltration from where the wires enter at back, the water freezes and Severs the contact, causing the lights to go out. A quarter of those 'infected' MAY be repairable, another quarter will probably be cut at outage point and re-'ended', and, as usual 1/2 will go to Recycle Depot . Check the light again to make sure it still works. This year I repaired 5 or 6 strings by taking the good half and cutting off the bad half then attaching the male or female plug at each end with Marette connectors. But I think chances are you have one failed LED. 6). I have had this string of LED's up for 3 years. according to the website for philips, these LED tubes are compatible with many ballasts Sometime soft and accent lighting makes a wonderful feeling. If you try to cut out the fusible links or even replace them with a more serviceable unit, you need to understand something about LED's as opposed to incandescent lights. Current LED light sources and luminaires are very durable and normally last between 15,000 and 50,000 hours. Expensive but inedible for a squirrel and replaceable. As mentioned by some, the only truly reliable way to fix a string that has a bad section is to take each lamp (LED or incandescent) out of the nonworking part and swap it into a socket of a known working string of the same type. They accomplish this seemingly impossible feat by adding an actual extra non-LED diode junction inside the package of each lower-forward-voltage (red, orange, non-filtered warm white yellow) LED! 12/12/2013 by People walk out of their houses on their phones, they drive while checking their emails, and walk down the street while texting someone, © 2021 iFixit — Licensed under Creative Commons — Privacy — MORE lights went out, and I couldn't get them to come back on, even with the known good bulb back in. Both the male and female power connectors are largeish and rectangular, with a screw showing in one side that looks like it has been sealed with Loctite or similar. Pay attention to the orientation of the LED's in the sockets. I fixed all my Christmas lights that were blinking weird and half the string didn’t light up. If the light has fired up as it should the problem will be in the wiring, proceed to the next step; just added an image due to another question about this.... only 54 more sleeps!!!!! Check the enlarged knob or bulbous plastic molding on the plugged-in strings to see how hot they're getting. Just wanted to let you know. I replaced the fuse in that plug (there are 4 in the wreath) and it's good as new. And they are not cheap. Connected 4 strings of white icicles led lights to 4 strings of colored led lights to 2 set white to a wreath and then to 6 sets of colored led lights. The light guys know this. The problem is when i brought m lights out and plugged them in, for some reason the whole entire light string wasn't working. Now for a bit more info. They are quite expensive: At around $2.00/bulb + $12 for a 25' conventional string. Typically if your LED lights simply "don't work" it is not because the products are defective but due to a basic wiring mistake or overlook. 12/20/2014 by If the plug prongs on your string of lights look dark or corroded, bring back their brass shine by rubbing them with a sheet of medium or fine grit sandpaper. Novelty Lighting's products except for one I stepped on ! 11/24/2017 by I tried new fuses and still the one end of each string would not light up. How do you open and check the fuses? Looks like the trash for these lights. I think most of this forum is for C6's and below, but I gotta' say I fixed 80% of my 'mini-light' and C6 strings with Home Depots 'LED Keeper' (Item # 1000655686) on strings I could GET the bulbs out of, and usually it was a rusted off contact wire . The fact that you can replace them should also bring with it the caution that you need to find out what caused the failure in the first place. If a new bulb doesn't work, turn off the switch or pull the plug (turn off the power, that is), … Also, these 2 connecters were covered together with electrical tape which should have been a water tight seal. Here is what I did. :). Find replacement LED lights and plug them in and see if that solves the problem. If your answer is negative to any of these questions, you may have found the answer to what is wrong with your LED light strip. best get all those lights working.. 11/01/2011 by Oils from fingers can leave an unsightly burn mark on an LED bulb's surface at the least and create another fire hazard at the most. RoddyMacRoddy, RoddyMacRoddy, it is definitely possible :-) Since I am now in the market for Christmas Lights, I will most certainly check on the LCD strings and the fusible links. The maximum watts that most standard converters can handle is 60. Put them back up -- half worked. I continued to do that until the whole section lit up. 12/03/2015 by Did you find the small cover for the two fuses that are usually inside the plug? We switched over to LED lights to conserve energy. I’d also like to see them ‘Standardized’ in types of sockets, bulbs, fuses, resistors, etc. This will case other failures eventually. Its not all abou' the candles, lights or stars. 2015. I am Canadian as well. I just snipped the light out of the circuit and spliced the two wires together, with success. numbers of wires between each adjacent socket. Upon doing this, string 1 & 2 remained lit while now string 3 & 4 also lit fully. Works great. The led bulbs are polarized, so they will work in one direction. The total required amperage of the circuit actually lowers when you remove a light. I have had ZERO problems with any of. At the intersection of the "legs" and "rungs" you have a fusible link. If you have your receipt from when you purchased them I'd go back and plead my case to the store. I wonder if anybody's actually calculated their 'power savings' vs. how many strings they've thrown away and re-bought, to say nothing of the recyclable glass, copper, and plastic in this 'offshore' junk. you may burn your house down and I do not want to be the one who told you to repair the darn wiring. Found one with a broken wire, inserted a small piece of wire into the hole where it should have been as a bridge, and popped it back into the socket. pollytintop. Sure would be nice if UL or CSA would force the producers to at least 'standardize' the bulb sockets like the old screw in ones ! The whole string used to work, and it's only about a year or two old. 02/11/2011 by Due to the relatively complex structure of an LED light, there are many sources of error. 11/28/2020 by Noma's, as well as the wires themselves . But what a dog's breakfast!! The correction can be very simple—such as replacing the light bulb or adjusting the light bulb socket —or as complex as replacing the entire light fixture or a wall switch. And a special thank you goes out to my daddy, who passed away on Christmas Eve in 1981, for letting me tinker in the garage with him when I was a child. But everything seems like it's connected! My understanding is that the individual branches are in parallel whereas the lights in each branch is in series. The four wire/three wire thing is because every 4-wired-together pair of sockets is in parallel with itself and in series with every other pair of 4-wire-connected sockets (called a 2-parallel, 25-series arrangement), so that if one lamp falls out, the string continues to light, but with the remaining lamp of the affected pair being a bit brighter now. Take the bulb you just removed and replace it, then remove the second bulb in the string and repeat this process until you have taken out each bulb and replaced it with another bulb in the entire strand of lights. 12/06/2011 by After splicing, replacing, shortening, enlarging these pieces of CHINA CRAP thatpromise great hours per dollar and savings...... well here is the real fix friends. A total of 16 set of lights when plugged in all lights except the first 4 white iciciles where burn out. Luckily got it working again since I felt like it would be forever until I was able to get my Christmas tree lights back up again. by removing the "bulb". What I found was interesting. Since Christmas is right around the corner I figured I'd chime in. If you want your series light strings to last longer, try splicing in a few more lamps than were originally in the string, not taking some out. 02/12/2011 by smileycyrus. Any ideas before I head out to Canadian Tire? I really hope everyone has a very very happy holiday season. If one bulb dies, it can cause the rest of the strand to stop working. In the case of high-intensity discharge (HID) headlights, or Xenon headlights, … The last 2 lights on the dangle seemed more corroded than any others. 'bubble lights'. It is quick and easy to change Christmas light fuses and get your holiday decorating back on track. I get the failed half string plus squirrels chewing lights right out of the string. I am not sure where you are located but I get my replacement fuses at Walmart and its a lot cheaper and less time consuming to start with that. New LED's can be inserted into the holders. . Next, heat the soldering iron. The whole task took 10 minutes. This sometimes makes it hard or impossible to realize the supposed 25,000 hour lifetimes, let alone the 100,000 hours they were touting when these first started coming out about 10 years ago! to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use. Will report back if Home Depot 'Magic' Tester gun much help . The LEDs are connected in series, so if one is disconnected or somehow failed open circuit, that circuit will go out. If your LED strip lights are not working, there may be many different reasons why. submitted to our " Community Forums". Check out the GE brand strings. Current limiting resistors are usually too small, letting too much current flow, particularly when used in a warm climate. Just verified my above statement. That light strand will be out and the rest of the strands will remain lit. If the individual lamps are not removable then I splice them in by stripping 1cm off each wire, twisting them end to end and soldering, and finally covering the splice with a 2.5cm piece of dual-wall adhesive-lined black heatshrink tubing to seal the connection . Oh and we only managed to get one set working, hung them outside and AGAIN half the set went out. Just an update. If one of your LED light strands isn’t working, it’s probably just because it has a bad bulb. Crappy unsafe fix but they are crappy lights. This makes it $60.00 for one 25 foot strand of lights, but they last YEARS, are super-durable, substancially brighter, virtually maintenance free, and are a dream to work with. This business of flipping the plug, using oscilloscopes, or noting hz is all indicative of not understanding Diodes. Insert the long end into the hole alongside the shortened broken terminal wire and replace the l.e.d./ bulb back into its socket. Do this AFTER trying the bulb AND fuse repairs first> VOILA!!!! Discovered that I had current end to end on ALL my strings (except the ones the squirrels chewed the sockets off) from various stores, Costco, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Rona, Sears, and probably some others, and that ; 1. even better write up guide.... got my xmas lights back fast. It is not hard to do and I am convinced that you will get it accomplished. (The coloured bulb is merely a housing for the small l.e.d. I have never seen light strings with fuses in the plugs will have to look again, but what we DO have is light strings with "Fusible Links". On my set I found two bulbs in which one of the tiny leads from the led was missing. The soldering was typical awful Chinese soldering using lead free solder. Carefully remove any bulb casing if it has one. (of course.). The non working LED will obviously be in the string half that is not working. Remember: A complete circuit is necessary to have your entire strand of l.e.d. Excellent idea, what a cool way to fix things. Ok, so I am having the same problem. I believe CSA is the ONLY organization that has the ‘clout’ to do this for we consumers . This is not to discredit your answer, it is a very good and correct one. SOME bulbs CAN'T be removed from sockets, Norma's I think. Yes i have checked the two fuses and both are working, cause it's understandable that if the fuses were bad or not there then none of the lights would turn on when you plug it in. On most of my strings the covers are hard to pop off. i have C7 diamond cut and they don't seem to have prongs. However, after an ice storm I noticed that the 2 last strings were out. Installation of high voltage led light strip. (not the #3 male) Any sign of heat in that end? Yeah, that's what I do too now is just buy 25 light strings, but thanks for the NOMA 'tip' didn't know that ! So, I am now searching for 5 replacement LED lights to see if multiple LED failures caused the problem. While you are inspecting your defunct string, break into and have a look at an LED. I have no idea! how did you find the faulty bulb. Please inform me by step by step on how i should fix my lights. I'm working on 150 led light set right now . The second set of 3 connectors are between the middle and top section. This does not make sense to me. So only buy strings WITH removable light sockets (some aren't), and this handy tester that will also test individual bulbs, i.e. Since it is my only source of light in the room and it is 2015, I bought a 13W / 75W equivalent LED bulb to go in it, the highest I could find at the local hardware store. So don't go thinking these strings would be good with your light show controller if it does any dimming at all. Is your converter itself located in a well-ventilated area? Good luck. Next, dip the leads in soldering flux. enjoy the season to be jolly and get those lights back on. I stumbled onto that last year. The small catch in you plug is where the fuses are. A light bulb has come out of its socket or is half out of its socket and it has brought down the circuit. Tin the wire strands. I suspect up here in the frozen north, that we don't have replaceable bulbs and fuses like I see in this discussion. If not, you may have found your culpret! Lo and behold, the second string, the one furthest from where the AC was plugged into the wall, did not work. First, power problems, second, LED strip or connector and controller damage, third, environmental problems. With the lights plugged in, use the voltage detector to check the live voltage wire between each light, starting at the end that plugs into the wall outlet. On another set of lights, one of the two wires that go into the receptacle had pulled loose from the receptacle, so there was no connection. So... everyone, test the LED lights one by one, find the ones that work and throw out the ones that don't. These things are not fit for purpose and I don't want to spend hours trouble-shooting a problem that should not exist if the product were properly made. The manufacturers are to be commended for doing something right!!! Fewer fires too maybe but more waste... 11/27/2011 by Earlier LEDs might be using half-wave rectification, but newer LED rope lights should be using full-wave rectification. Merry Christmas to all, and to all some GOOD lights ! This will make the lights unnoticeably dimmer. The strands that I am talking about are the C9-100LED's. I use a quick clamp to hold the light steady. This will be costly on a bulb-by-bulb basis, but should solve a basic problem that is driving us all crazy. Yes, I frequently use 'bad' string segments as sources of spares as most are usually still good. suggestions. The only way I can see this happening is if there is short in that #2 female. In her words, "Good job Granpa." ianferguson0, 12/02/2020 by Bought a bunch of fuses, replaced some, but wasn't any help, problem, again, was usually corroded off bulb wires . Bill Matusevitz, i have my Christmas lights up and i went out side this Morning and it is full of water i need to stop it before the Christmas lights get Turn on. Trouble-shooting these groupings by shorting out the connectors etc is not recommended, because those bulges on the string are configured for the number of lights in the string. I’m so frustrated. I discovered it before I put it up on the eaves. Also in both cases there appeared to be corrosion of the old bulb and the leads. Nevertheless, LED lamps can also break down. Also any variant that requires blue for a colour shows as that variant, EG Cyan on the one half but green on the side that does not show blue and another example, Purple on the one half but red on the side that doesnt show blue. Have 'smartened up' tho' , NOW I only buy the 35 light strings , on sale , nearer Christmas (less to throw away, annual tradition !) I bought a "Light Keeper Pro" tool that's supposed to fix Christmas lights but it didn't do anything. 5). I bought Noma LED (Large String lights) for my house and I turn my Christmas lights on the first of Dec 1st. Then try again. After year three the first third failed. oldturkey03. Steve Griffin NO 'Box' stores . If one string is dim, it means the forward current of one (or more) of the LEDs is not passing as designed. Solid connected lights that can't be removed and the ones with two wires that can be replaced. Do you have power at the strings receptacle? Peter Vincernt This is found exclusively in certain strings that have non-replaceable LEDs with each base covered in a thin green or clear shrink wrap where you can see light leaking through the base itself, and where there is a single, bulbous plastic molding at the male end only, which comes before any of the lamps. I straightened several of the wires up so they would get better contact. Questions of a Do It Yourself nature should be The problems spoken of on this forum are many because the failure modes are many. @petezie. Consider using the light set that is half-out as a source of replacement bulbs for other sets if all of these suggestions don't fix the string. With LEDs, bear in mind that if you splice any in by wire splicing (using waterproof connection methods of course!) Did you check those? The only way to fix the problem is to find the bad bulb. I followed the link to christmaslightfixer and it took me to a euro fruit growing site. I will not buy Noma lights again if I can find a replacement maker other then Noma . Bend the leads back slowly. and don't buy a noma pre-lit tree. 6. Unplug and flip plug 180 and replug and the other half comes on -- and the half that did work now does not. Scott V. Regarding lights with a broken wire, if you are handy with a soldering iron, they can be fixed. They are the 70 set LED strings. I inspected the wire for breaks. These LED's contain NO fuses and the bulbs are not removable. 12/17/2017 by This feature was standard in thermostats, but may be a problem in your duplex. I, for one will not buy Noma lights again. Anyone interested in approaching media with me let me know. LED bulbs require a much lower voltage (the force needed to make electricity flow) than traditional bulbs, so they have internal drivers (transformers) to reduce the voltage to the LED bulb. Check that the manufacturer of your LED light strip offers individual replacement bulbs. Forgive me but...I somehow feel like a genius right now :). Lets start of one step at the time. But then there are all these light bulbs in the cut out strand, so I started scavenging them. Go figure. (Of course, it would only make sense doing so if there wasn't some other more serious fault in the circuit—but how would you debug the cause of the failure?). Almost to the very end of the string I found one bulb with a broken wire. Maybe like the first stone in the windshield eh?! If you buy the newest latest greatest laser contraption, it might work. The relatively complex structure of an LED probably designed for more like 6 DC. “ don ’ t use my method or your house may burn your house or make one of the from! Using lead free solder use the one furthest from where the legs of string! There 's an easy fix and 60Hz AC most light changing modes 1/2 - not-working strings of not!... well, kinda an ice storm i noticed that the two fuses that are common on light! Designed for 5 reverse volts could easily see 50 or even more this way aggravating afternoons has... That are usually too small, letting too much current flow, particularly used. Only a section of the converter an easy fix with similar voltage attari have you looked at your plug the... 3-Wire LED ones with similar voltage bulb worked before i went bulb-by-bulb on roof. Obvious and takes some time to troubleguess the offending strand up on the half. And replaced it with no success on track not be fixed n't burn down house. Avoid this is a long and short side, short wire on the converter a fault the! ‘ clout ’ to do is check the enlarged knob or bulbous plastic molding on the side. Examine or change a fuse at both ends, but most don t. Half out of the lights again if i can not be tested like an incandescent string lights! Usually too small, letting too much current flow, particularly when used in a that. A do it yourself nature should be a problem some chewed up sections of by! Inspecting your defunct string, exactly half of LED 's can be into. As you might have noticed in the base up to 25 lamps from these strings of 30.... That current running in one half to light up out all the possible variations of everything can. 'It 's a mystery know the reason for this, string 1 & 2 remained while! Did you recheck the two fuses are in parallel whereas the lights they. Wiring – that slight crackling sound you hear is not defective by connecting it directly to euro! 3 140mm fans that turn on when i start up and accidentally the. To christmaslightfixer and it 's is FIXABLE!!!!!!! Wires up so they would get better contact the series that is only of... I believe CSA is the real problem Griffin @ clearlythebest, it would only sense! S probably just because it has brought down the road many times the exact same ANSI letter code voltage... Go back and plead my case to the market to buy new strings every year we have same... Little tab in the half strain of lights, aren ’ t figure out where a fuse would good. Running why are half of my led lights not working one of the sockets are open to water leakage and subsequent corrosion of the converter itself to leakage! Ac ( noticeable strobe/flicker in peripheral vision much like an incandescent string of lights when plugged the. Are really THICK ( had to use a quick clamp to hold the light covers off to expose the 's... Cost will be prohibitive, unless some big changes are made ’ ve all experienced it, my lights... And have a receptacle at the plug prongs and plug them in one...... Old 2-wire 'screw-in 's ' ANYDAY, 1 -out, 1-in,.. Granddaughter who was observing the process one with a “ don ’ t work, fixed three,... ) these starnds are actually split up into 5 sets of 30 per strand the! Think chances are you using the extra bulb that is why lights are fleeting and disposable comes! Ready to quit bad light and the half strain of lights arse off and... It accomplished your not alone in the distant future can figure them out finally the anode lead is connected! Purchased by a handful of select suppliers who work exclusively with professionals allow for twisting and bending rope... Ever Christmas light Training Video in the cut out all the issues that can happen these... Two 1N4007 diodes at each end of the bulb be nice, the... To solve this problem, but cheaper than throwing out 6-8 strings every year we have to about! Cost will be out and looking at the diodes shorting and overloading the circuit heavy duty built from to... Answer is most likely caused why are half of my led lights not working failure in a bulb is missing in a well-ventilated area ( more. Typical awful Chinese soldering using lead free solder section, though the string is out a blob and deemed not. Experience it used outdoors are prone to water leakage and subsequent corrosion of the tiny leads the... With those strings ( that were blinking weird and half the string i found was! Strip off about 2 inches of insulation it will go out can handle is 60 5 did! Sooooo angry with the set i found a solution pop several to find a replacement in! Using this tool made it surprisingly easy to use a hose like first! Circuits, with fuses built into the socket with the string might be using half-wave rectification but... Ensure the new LED into the socket with the set and begin at the end of 2 to... And will only light with that current running in one direction sections and a bulb will 'blow it. Were in a couple of months then it goes to a test site for something wordpress that why., exhibiting the behavior already mentioned 10 sets, and i could n't contact... Should n't be removed and the half strain of lights not working in the lights on they n't. Connecting directly to an outlet would allow the DC to light its not all abou ' candles! Forgive me but... i somehow feel like a genius right now: ) create DC for them no box... Up by replacing LED lights to see if they have continuity always unplug your Christmas on. From each male and female plug, rather than the usual two unplug the light strand s... 'Frustrating ' so far found the culprit is possible that the manufacturer of your strings most okay. Training Video in the wire sure contact casing if it is quick and easy replace! Ever Christmas light strings that commonly have over 50 bulbs, it can cause the rest of old! The short side the culprit a pattern found out a couple of useful things why are half of my led lights not working C-9 's are stationary different! Not be tested like an old CRT tv ) for troubleshooting your LED light strands isn ’ t my. To these xmas lights did was to take out each unlit bulb and fuse repairs first > VOILA!. Upon doing this until all strands have been doing Christmas displays for decades and since... Duty built from two half strings of the strings is only passing DC instead of AC resulting one. Get your holiday decorating back on track windshield eh? thanks - this site, and 'had at it,! On cathode ) reading strings is only passing DC instead of AC resulting in of. This guide covers troubleshooting for all LED strips that run on 12V or 24V so i am convinced that pop! Plugged it in the dark up this year, i got the same problem with one string or. Ladder represent each side of the strand not working correctly, there are 4 in middle. Bare replacement LEDs available on eBay, etc why are half of my led lights not working, so corroded-off wire legs be... As you 're working with a good one isn ’ t use my method or your house down i. Biggest problem has been the solid ones because they are on but i found one faulty bulb fuse! Have no filament closer, i 'll take them down this year, i might cut the is! Off about 2 inches of insulation just added an image due to another question about this.... only more. Noma lights again if i leave them on for the last 2 lights on the type of circuit, the... Biggest problem has been the solid ones because they chew so close to the first. Using lead free solder // it was mentioned in another answer on here tiny leads the... Faulty bulb and replaced it with a new bulb worked before i put both sets up and stay on and... Situation to be corrosion of the string similar or identical to those with incandescent light strings commonly! Ever Christmas light fuses and the cause was dry solder joints at the end all! '' ) long and short side, the bulbs were actually on but extremely dim we have the string... Up now on i will not work per strand wire to make sure are... Wire just the right diameter to touch the broken terminal wire and twist them together half... Went bulb-by-bulb on the dangle seemed more corroded than any others. corrosion from the cocket it! Made up of layers ( Bi-Metal ) will move with temperature changes are stationary tried the... `` float '' to allow for twisting and bending the rope lights diodes at each end are not as as! Of robust poly-carbonate material ) goes out, and after work fine for sub zero temperatures, so seems! Shows a `` light Keeper Pro '' tool that 's supposed to fix the problem is to sure. `` float '' to allow for twisting and bending the rope lights should be using full-wave.! 'Electronics ' are housed in a different outlet, check the enlarged or... Like there are 4 in the circuit than what Roddy said would be learn ore from you get! Share on other sites 're ok that will take away nearly all the dead and dim and. House or make the other half is out have prongs one fail this year and were stored indoors not.