Please wait, preparing to download your file. © 2020 - Lighting Automation. They withstand the harshest conditions and operate across your facility in hazardous, adverse or … Products. KPSW-K. Key Override Switch. MORE. ... Voice, Data, TV Panels TV Distribution Voice, Data, Video Distribution Voice, Data, TV Panels Full Size Panels … New User? Unavailable. In this section, find industry primers, online tools, training seminars, exhibits, and more. Account (Optional), Occupancy Detectors and Related Power Packs, CX Series Commercial Lighting Control Panels. Expanded wireless whole home lighting control Supports up to 200 devices; start in one room and easily expand into others Utilizes backlit, custom engraved keypads, customized scene control, and the full line of Lutron wireless shades Enjoy effortless comfort in your home with automated lighting control and customized lighting scenes. Brilliant is an in-wall lighting and control system that makes it easy for homeowners, families, guests to control lighting, doorbells, locks, cameras, music, climate, intercom, scenes, and more. Decora Smart. Standalone. Getting to know our customers better is our main goal! CX Lighting Control Panels 4, 8, 16 and 24 Relays By Hubbell Control Solutions Hubbell Control Solutions' CX Commercial Lighting Control Panels provide feature rich and cost-effective lighting control for maximum energy savings. lighting. Leviton lighting control solutions bring innovative design and next-generation features to residential and commercial applications. The Unique HX-Series. The NX Series Network Lighting Control Panels are a key component in a NX Network Lighting Control System, providing programmable switching and dimming control of the projects lighting circuits. The junction-box and DIN rail power supply provides the system power necessary for the GAMMA Lighting Control system and Total Room Automation. The latest in Wattstopper’s Digital Lighting Management (DLM) solution, the Plenum-rated Wireless Room Controller (LMRC-611MCC-A) is designed to meet Chicago plenum requirements. Feeder disconnect lighting contactors turn large blocks of lights on and off. GreenMAX Digital Switches. Unavailable. CX provides a reliable standalone relay control solution to reduce energy consumption for small and intermediate size projects that are cost sensitive. Taking advantage of, and using products compatible with Z-Wave technology (a wireless home automation system that allows all your home electronics to communicate wirelessly), the Vivint Go!Control panel in your home can create a network that connects all your home's smart systems such as security, lighting, small appliances, video, HVAC, and more. Fast! Wholesaler of Lighting Automation - Automated 4 Button Switch Panel, Automated Dimmer 6 Channel, 5Button Panel and Automated 2 Button Switch Panel offered by Techaigle Systems Private Limited, Mumbai, Maharashtra. LCD user interface incorporates easy to follow intuitive programming tools, Meet ASHRAE 90.1, IEEC, and California (CEC) Title 24 energy codes, Contribute to LEED certification requirements, Allows multiple low voltage inputs from HCS switches, motion sensors and photocells to enhance energy savings for scenarios such as manual switch ON and automatic motion sensor OFF control, Can save up to 50% in parts and labor cost over conventional timeclock and contractor systems, Lowers energy consumption with expanded programming options, Astronomical clock eliminates the need for roof mounted photocells, Pre-programmed scenarios offer a wide variety of options to maximize energy savings for each possible control zone, Sunrise/sunset controls provided using internal astronomical clock, Scenarios offer many easy to use control combinations, Priorities and masking allow for personalized control solutions. Copy the Quantities and Kele Item #s from your file. Control4 Smart Lighting is a perfect extension to any security system. Perfect for residences & condominium units, the Hx features multi-point, multi-channel switching, combined with sophisticated lighting control and networking options typically offered only by much larger centralized dimming and home automation systems. All Rights Reserved. KSW Series. LynTec is the leading supplier of electrical power solutions for lighting, video, audio, and visual systems for industries encompassing financial, governmental, educational, sports, and entertainment sectors.We have 10,000 plus installations to date in the United States and internationally. Other Building Automation Systems. Control panels offer simple networking with Cat 5 cable. Low voltage devices connect directly to panel without any ancillary parts such as power packs. BACNet is a building automation protocol used primarily in North America, which allows communications between different systems used within buildings. NX Distributed Intelligence Lighting Controls, Field Service Engineer (FSE) Resource Center, Building Information Modeling (BIM) Files, CX Lighting Control Panels Specification Sheet, CX Programmable Switches Specification Sheet, Heavy Duty Low Voltage Switch Specification Sheet, Low Voltage Wall Switch RJ45 Enabled Specification Sheet, OMNI Low Voltage Ultrasonic & PIR Ceiling Sensor, Wall Station Pad Printing Order Form - CX, CX 16-24 Relay Panel Install Instructions, CX Lighting Control Panels Quick Start Installation & Programming Guide, CX Panel Dimming Card Install Instructions, CX Replacement Parts Install Instructions, Heavy Duty Low Voltage Switch Installation Sheet, Low Voltage Switch RJ45 Enabled Installation Sheet, cx16_panel_with_lvsl4np_sp_20amp_typical.pdf, cx16_panel_with_lvsm1np_sp_20amp_typical.pdf, cx16_panel_with_lvsm1pl_sp_20amp_typical.pdf, cx_panel_with_lvsm2pl_sp_20amp_typical.pdf, cx_panel_with_lvsm4np_2_ls_1uvpp_os_sp_30amp_typical.pdf, cx_panel_with_lvsm4np_sp_20amp_typical.pdf, cx_panel_with_lvsm4pl_lvsm1pl_sp_20amp_typical.pdf, CX Commercial Lighting Control Panels System, Compact single enclosure includes relays, control functions and input terminals for low voltage devices, All inputs are software assignable to any HCS low voltage input device including switches, motion sensors and photocells. With Control4’s Mockupancy™ setting, your shades and lights can turn on and off at intervals to simulate occupancy inside of your home while you’re away. Home & Business Automation. Luxury Lighting Control & Home Automation Designed to seamlessly combine aesthetics and technology, Vantage systems deliver seamless control of luxury spaces. A good lighting design includes a good controls design. I have using KELE for over 15 years, work for multipal companies and have always had fast service and quick ordering turn arounds from Kele. Line couples, IP routers and interfaces include KNX Secure tunneling technology for a higher level of security. Lighting control systems always play an important role when it comes to presenting products or rooms in a favorable light. It’s easy to install, integrates with the top brands in every smart home category, and transforms any house or apartment into an easy-to-use smart home. CX Lighting Control Panels Wallbox Devices Emergency Lighting Controls Daylight Harvesting Controls OEM Fixture Controls Pharos View All Lighting & Controls Categories. Standalone Programmable Lighting Control Panel, Two Stage and Three Stage Half-Light™ Controllers, WattStopper Lighting Integrator Panels with Digital Lighting Management (DLM) Support. The best part about Crestron lighting control solutions is that they are integrated by design as part of a crestron total home automation solution. Privacy Policy Terms of Use. Products. Gain the competitive edge that Lutron has enjoyed for more than 40 years through light control education and training. Lighting controls play a critical role in lighting systems, enabling users manually or automatically to: • turn the lights ON and OFF using a switch; and/or • adjust light output up and down using a dimmer. MORE. Lighting … Manage safety, reduce energy consumption, and provide seamless entertainment options, with a suite of scalable options that fit every income level and lifestyle. And Midstream Lighting, the global leader in maritime lighting for … MORE. Unavailable. MMC Corporation, a leading terminal operator with operations spanning Asia and the Middle East. Track Light Limiting Panel. everything works together seamlessly. Networked. The CX Commercial Lighting Control Panel is a self-contained lighting control system that replaces conventional timeclock and contactor combinations with a … Relay Panels Lighting Products. The 24-relay LAP accepts one Controller Card and one or two Relay Driver Cards (RRDC12); the 48-relay LAP accepts one RCC48 and up to four RRDC12s. Partner Companies GE Total Lighting Control Lighting Automation Panel Controller Card Catalog Number RCC48 The RCC48 Controller Card is the program-mable intelligence card for a Lighting Automation Panel (LAP). 877.826.9045 USA901.382.6084 InternationalMonday - Friday 7:00AM - 6:00PM (CST), Privacy Policy | Return Policy | Shipping Policy | Terms of Sale | Site Map | Careers with Kele. We manufacture many types of lighting control panels for customers that span the globe. The CX Commercial Lighting Control Panel is a self-contained lighting control system that replaces conventional timeclock and contactor combinations with a labor saving, simple and flexible module solution. Multi-pole lighting contactors are available up to 12-poles, with contacts rated at 20 A for branch circuits. Hubbell Control Solutions is a proud member of the Hubbell family. Our panel includes the industry forerunner in terminal automation and eco-efficient container handling, Kalmar. Slide 1 of 1 Lighting Panels and Related Products CX Series Commercial Lighting Control Panels. Switches can be programmed in the field using a digital time clock. Models are available with voltage ratings up to 240 VAC or 110 VDC, with options for either screw mount or magnet mount (for steel enclosures); activation options include ON/OFF switch or … Unavailable. Two Stage and Three Stage Half-Light™ Controllers. Below detail our manufacturers that specialize in creating unique lighting solutions that will help improve the safety and efficiency of your automation processes. Create an 877-826-9045 (USA) • 901-382-6084 (International), The Leading Supplier of Building Automation Products, Staffed Hours: 6:30 AM through 7:00 PM CST, Being Smart isn't about knowing all the answers. Choose from distributed controls, daylighting controls, wireless controls, dimmers, fan speed controls, occupancy/vacancy sensors, relay panels, timer switches and more. From wizards to downloadable tools, we have it all. Leviton's collection of dimmers is the ideal tool to help you create the perfect ambiance within a room.