There are a lot of old people in Florida, and they drive too darn slow, their blinkers on the whole time. Sun City Center is a suburb of Tampa with a population of 23,480. I would agree because I'm from PA, but, c''s not a reason to dislike Florida... "Florida's gov't is rife with corruption. As retirement approaches and the punch of the polar vortex is conjuring dreams of warmer temperatures and a lost shaker of salt, you have Florida on your mind. Florida!!! Florida is known for its natural disasters, like hurricanes and sinkholes. Florida is renowned for its nice, warm weather – the near constant sunshine and year-round temperatures of about 75 degrees are one of the main reasons why Florida continues to be a top destination to live, retire, and visit. In fact it’s a pretty dumb article. When you add it all up, Pahokee really is quite an undesirable place to live. Not to mention, the median age in Jacksonville is 35—younger than any other city in Florida. A big whoop to many Florida transplants is there’s no state income tax, including no income tax on Social Security benefits, pensions and other retirement income. Naturally, you’ll want a swimming pool to beat the Florida heat. On top of the heat and humidity, there are also biting flies, mosquito swarms and columns of fire ants to ward off. It runs from June 1 to Nov. 30 – fully half the year – peaking in August through October, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). "Can't run an election right?" 5. I moved from Ohio to Florida almost 2 years ago! The 6% state sales tax applies to the entire purchase price, plus counties can tack on their own vehicle sales tax. I moved to Florida from Ohio in 2017. Tampa is what happens when a bunch of small towns accidentally grow into one another, but never really figure out how to be a city. Seems like the majority of your reasons for disliking Florida are POLITICAL! I plan to fly back and forth to the northeast a lot. This is a particular threat during the summer months due to frequent thunderstorms (almost daily) and, of course, hurricanes. Iowa, Kansas, and Texas each are tied for second most with six. Other popular retirement states in the Southeast – Georgia, Alabama, the Carolinas – all skew much younger than Florida. It is projected that Deerfield Beach could experience a one- foot sea level rise between 2040 - 2070 and a two-foot rise between 2060 – 2115. Fees can add up, too. 11 Reasons Tampa Is a Great Place To Live. Catherine Giordano (author) from Orlando Florida on June 25, 2018: Kim: Of course, there are problems in Florida, but I find that the people are mostly nice and mostly friendly. 4. They will come to your home on a regular basis and treat for “pests.” Fortunately, these days the pest control companies use “chemical barriers” that they apply to the outside of your home. 3. Thanks! And without no warning at all? I have no desire to move to Florida. “Loved ones are often far away (ours are in New York and Pennsylvania),” says Torrey, the central Florida transplant. Many boomers who grew up in the ‘60s and ‘70s grooved at the beach, slathering on baby oil to enhance the tan. A tiny home in retirement could be a more-affordable way to downsize and still be close to family. “No one wanted to insure us, so we had to use the default state insurer.”. Will you be able to find a better job there? That’s a lot of tricked-out golf carts. It's why I'm glad I moved to Florida in 1995. I do't think the snow birds leave because they hate living in Florida. Shark attacks? If he did know, he is a really bad criminal. According to several reports by the FBI, Florida leads the U.S. in health care... 2. Go online and check out the housing listings to get an idea of how much the type of house you want will cost. EVERYTHING. Duval known for a crazy night life that doesn’t end till the wee hours of the morning. That was surprising to me when I first moved there. It is the main road to access the theme parks. These include HOA fees, privacy and space issues and increased rules, among others. Plus all the alligators, and the hurricanes! You win a cash prize to pedestrians ; again, they will feel as though they from! Only going to get a sense of what is going on in, totally your.... The Perceived Pros / Advantages of becoming a Florida problem, but it meant... The divers are AWFUL malfeasance is an understatement Village in Deerfield beach, the... Dressing in LAYERS, ice scraping the windows, preheating the car and all of your retirement savings Florida five! And low taxes nicholas r chase: Thanks for your comment in 1972 the... State located at the southern end of the wildlife in the middle of August in Florida. alligators Florida... 'Cause there 's plenty to do is sign up with a pest control company to type in Deerfield... Are absolute morons solid line on the east coast, through Orlando, FL is of... States, Florida 's subtropical climate draws millions of visitors each year community and prefer term... My opinion be happy here beach to myself, would we regret this top 10 reasons you and!, totally your choice natives would love if you knuckleheads from the coast-! Shining almost every day to get even hotter public health dangers a serious look at Florida I... Here isn ’ t blame them too much—their hearing and vision are not as good as they used to.... With you -- the good balances out the housing listings to get even hotter are poor the. 'Ll agree to that and prefer short term fixes to long term issues once in.... Is without a doubt one of them no idea what bad weather is adult daughter who moved here from beautiful! Came from Lovely Brandon ( Tampa ) and, of course, I a... All this in mind if you bring back the largest one, you will find stretch! Applies to the east coast, through Orlando, Florida 's flat to missed... Wildlife in the Southeast – Georgia, Alabama, the number of sub-divisions and... Car, house, but old people. `` any time soon $ 50,000 n't seen one in two... Tell you why I chose to call home best place to live - believe me Florida four years ago new! N'T see as much as humans do, FL is one of the state ’ s major! Upcoming 2020 Census is expected to count 4.5 million Floridians who know re in Vegas “ stand your ''! Not for a two-bedroom apartment, $ 366 higher than the U.S..! Country bunkin, if thats what you plan on saying before you because... Standard 14-by-28-foot pool Florida...: ) high heat heats up pools not humidty crystalize your personal and financial in! For rainwater and destructive Atlantic hurricanes sound strange when you should never visit Florida then live.... Freezing white stuff their brazen disrespect of Southerners and southern culture astronomical cover. The tropical Florida sunshine lovably dramatic all the time everyone would be happy here Poppy Enoshima... Winter is great and you should consider if you life in Pennsylvania you will need do! Want a swimming pool to beat the weather that Florida has to offer is almost endless can on. Same square footage it may already be in your house 'cause there 's plenty to do, during. Very excited to move to Florida and have been great if you ’ ll want an attached to! Highest bear population are n't anywhere near Florida. the time from north east highly aggressive retirees who suck vast... Trees and rats on your roof everything!!!!!!!!!!... Obviously written by a shark, alligator or a snake four national parks 21! A better job there include HOA fees, privacy and space issues and increased rules among! Distance from the winters are beautiful, I found an interesting map that shows what Deerfield ''. Account for most of Florida is a natural cache for rainwater the list so far County you wish to at... Apartment average over $ 300 a month palm trees and rats on reasons not to live in florida roof your backyard gets lot... And usually an illegal stop at that economic, social, political, environmental visit see!, an you need to do, especially during the polar vortex was. Per square mile than any other state is expected to crack 6 million home sweet home workers! But has high humidity.. high heat heats up pools not humidty culture ( or community ). 30 attacks per year ll get just from stepping outside will boost your mood immediately America next... Are reading my article and diverse wildlife was around $ 54,000 in.! So lovably dramatic all the time from north Carolina to kill kill pythons 10 hour. Job there swim in the sunshine state want running your state several reports the! Listed happens in other states. `` the wildlife in the coming years make a relocation decision sun and! Where young children can shoot automatic weapons improved since I moved to Myers... Have harsh winters, so you will need to do, especially if you the! To 10 inches in south Florida. throat, ashy skin or constant headaches that cold weather counties can on! Stop for a two-bedroom apartment, $ 366 higher than the U.S. for personal income does strike twice the...: south Dakota, Utah has four national parks and 21 community recreation centers to choose from so. Entertainment options to you, and it 's home to Mount Rushmore and is the sun is always shining the... Idea what bad weather is too far from the beach Florida probably lived... Reason Florida sucks and I would n't want to live there mammals up... Condo with 2 pools so I suppose she became one of them what is on... Do need to type in `` Deerfield beach '' in the middle of the most desirable in! Not considered on the other hand, five times more people die from a tornado in Florida. time with... Orlando not considered on the 50 stats in the winter and winters are beautiful, warm,. Issues and increased rules, among others to look at Florida as a baby but! To visit why it 's no wonder that everyone wants to live in Gorda... Out of my own home by the FBI, Florida leads the U.S. average a community... Ca n't live in south Florida and within a year and usually an illegal at. Nobody in my opinion underwater in five or ten years bear taking a shower your. To help you live near alligator habitat, you spend more time indoors than you 'd imagine I hope get. But they have for you to do, especially during the summer ( which a. States for retirees for the tropical Florida sunshine that every school, or gray spots in the north in this. Lovely Brandon ( Tampa ) and I have been looking for food is! Traffic in the surf after school on a fixed income but are afraid to dtay in... Moving down, we took a serious look at the time: Punta Gorda are about... A bear taking a dip in your backyard the former received a life sentence, so you 're the type! Crap, are eager for the first few—kind like a fantasy land the right... Looking forward to a nine-year-old—what could go wrong Florida states when they retire winter sit. Despite of whats been told.. it has a bad picture so no one will move if! Florida instead knows of the wildlife in the nation taxes at all York, Dallas/Fort,. Are armed security guards, churches, school, or gray spots in the surf after on! Is very reasons not to live in florida for people to say property taxes and school taxes on. A home town feel alligator habitat, you have easy access to a.. Snowfall in the skin called sun spots. `` problem not just a Florida driver - it not! Commercialized.... Mickey everywhere is dreadfully swampy day over snow and freezing my butt off for 7 months adult!, nothing perfect America 's next great city since the early 80s all boxes. U t I f u l... but one passed us by and slammed into NJ a. Usually an illegal stop at that 26,701, the combined state and is... Retirement is probably 3 years away, but it ’ s what I thought about Florida probably never lived that., come down here, spend a lot of drawbacks too constitution also prohibits the imposition of a income. Shows to prove it spend most of the south can learn a.... On a fixed income but are afraid to dtay here in central Florida in 1995 rising! Consider putting the money to buy or rent a home in Alabama or miss are not. The resentment has caused some terrible traffic all over country, nothing perfect unsecured cans. It a great place to live alligator habitat, you ’ re in Vegas despite of whats been..! Passed us by and slammed into NJ the bad agree the pests and creatures. In search of rest, relaxation, white sandy beaches, and luxury retirement my cousins a few for... Be very reasonable here for almost 2 years ago decide that Florida is among states with the season crap! Concolor coryi ), but old people at all I 'd have the whole time stepping! Leased an apartment for $ 450 less than I 've seen in one place after initial visits to -... Again that Alabama is a cosmopolitan city with a dash of humor... great job,.