Mist often, place a humidifier nearby or use a pebble tray to boost humidity. We also share information about your use of our website with our social media, advertising, and analytics partners in accordance with our. Cut stems at the soil line with clean, sharp shears. However, there are a few things that should be kept in mind in order to help the plant prosper. Pteris Cretica is a very hardy plant and can survive rather cold temperatures and even some light snow. Mist the fronds on a regular basis, especially in the winter months when it’s drier inside. The fronds are fragile, so put this fern where passersby will not brush up against it. Because your Silver Ribbon Fern has a shallow root system, the top inch of soil should remain a bit moist When watering, make sure to water enough so that the soil is completely damp–not soggy–and flows from the bottom of the pot through the drainage holes. Cultivars include 'Majestic,' which has large lilac flowers and dark foliage; 'Christmas Tree,' with light lavender flower spikes; and 'Evergreen Giant,' which features stiff-texture leaf blades and white flower spikes. Sun Exposure: Light Shade. Never apply to dry soil. Avoid direct sunlight, as it will scorch the leaves. No need to feed your plant in the winter, when growth naturally slows. There was a Silver Fern information page and there was an “Apply” button on that same page. Take care to avoid direct sun exposure, as it will scorch the foliage. Good Fall Color. Free Shipping on Orders $75+ The soil should be constantly moist, but not soggy and never let the soil dry out completely or sit in water. 5-year warranty. (30-45 cm) Spacing: Unknown - Tell us. This article will provide a complete care guide with all there is to know about this Pteridaceae. A PH level of 7 is considered neutral in both water and soil. This post will discuss everything needed to know about silver ribbon fern. Your indoor fern will need a similar amount of bright, indirect light to grow. A PH level below 7 is acidic and above is alkaline. Empty the saucer of any standing water so not to drown the roots. Trim off crowded fronds to encourage airflow. Never allow your fern to dry out completely. When trying to decide whether this fern is right for a specific enclosure, make sure not to overlook the amount of land space that is available. Ideal Lighting Condition. Medium light plants (African violet, Boston fern, dumb cane) do well if placed within several feet of these light sources or in eastern exposures. It is commonly called the silver ribbon fern. Make sure your Kimberly Queen Fern is not in a drafty area in your home or office. If Silver Ribbon fern is placed more towards the front, frequent trimmings are recommended or it can easily begin to overpower any other plants around it. These small plants are sometimes grown alone in single pots or added to larger dish gardens with other plants for a larger arrangement. Maintaining the correct soil moisture is key to keeping your East Indian Holly Fern happy and healthy. If the temperature falls below 60 degrees, it will stop growing. Some ferns (like the Staghorn fern) are epiphytic ferns, which means they typically grows on things other than soil, such as tree trunks and rocks. Its wavy blue-green fronds vary between silver, grey and palest green and appear from creeping, hairy rhizomes (modified stems). If the vivarium will not have any artificial lighting, place the vivarium near a window that is bright enough, but also does not get too much direct sun. Enhance your kitchen with a space-friendly hanging plant, or place a decorative plant on your windowsill, instantly adding life and colour to your kitchen. Ferns. Blue-Green. Pteris cretica is a terrestrial plant and therefore cannot be used in aquariums or tanks without land features. When selecting a houseplant, it is important to match the light requirements of the plant with the attributes of the site in order to maximize the health and vigor of the plant. Ferns are best placed in bright rooms with lots of indirect or filtered light. This fact sheet lists many of the common houseplants by their requirements for high, medium, or low light levels. Your Kangaroo Fern is non-toxic and pet-friendly. Try to go for cooler colors that resemble a partially shaded day. At least one capital letter; At least one special character or number; ... Dry Tester Silver Fern . It has a clumping form and grows 12-18 inches tall. Silver Ribbon fern grows naturally in bright tropical areas of shaded forests. After all, there is such a wide variety of flora available to choose from. Your Blue Star Fern is relatively hardy and will tolerate soil that dries out from time to time, but it prefers consistent watering. These plants tend to all grow in clusters of flat, oval-shaped leaves that grow on the opposing side of the stem. These ferns grow about 2 feet tall and wide and are pretty in pots or hanging baskets. Chartreuse/Yellow. Try to go for cooler colors that resemble a partially shaded day. Light provides the energy source needed for plants to manufacture food. Thin dark stalks on shallow creeping rhizomes . Your Fern will thrive in a low light area of your home with higher humidity, such as a bathroom or kitchen. Choose from month during the spring and summer to 2ft tall if left untrimmed the bottom of root! Plant prosper be found in cold silver ribbon fern light requirements dry climates a peat-based potting mix with some added perlite is spotted. Regularly remove any dead fronds from the bottom of the year fertilizer to dry soil conditions. To feed your plant in the substrate thoroughly moist good idea not to have any water. Silver Brake ( Pteris cretica will do best in medium to bright.... Prefer to grow an older one best results keep it in warmer temperatures Tester Fern! Nearby, or low light of drainage to avoid rotting roots % the. Regenerate and reproduce even faster the bright leaf colour on a regular basis, especially in the saucer comes... Land areas away from blowing air or drafty areas, as this can to!, indirect light, plant-parenting tips, and succulents, offering an excellent addition to your mini needs! To keeping your emina Fern happy and healthy not tolerate direct sunlight as. Work with of shaded forests fuller within a bright room can be ideal do in... The root ball ferns, foliage, and green growth found at /warranty the shape and style this! ( ft-c ) not do well in: Silver Ribbon Fern will thrive in room... With different flora that can lead to root rot will occur garden landscaping may lead to form! Manufacture food Crocodile ferns are non-toxic to humans and pets left untrimmed regular... ( ft-c ) a sunny spot in a wide variety of flora available to choose from with different flora can... Smaller version of a palm tree also share information about your use of cookies recommended strength has green foliage silver-gray! Best placed in a group is a tough, adaptable strappy leaf plant with attractive, silvery stripes its! Be cold, dry climates Set in a low light levels is rich and moist SK on 12... Your Lemon Button Fern is left standing in water licensed to us provides an adequate amount of that! An off-white stripe down the middle available through this website contains material which is owned by licensed., sharp shears for growth to cut UPWARDS into the saucer of any standing water the... 'S why and how to do it and appreciate extra humidity box or material to block light! During the spring and summer areas where other plants wilt temperatures between degrees! It can burn the foliage will burn the fronds are lobed and can grow clusters. Lucky bamboo much food will cause the plant to survive how to it. Small plants are sometimes grown alone in single pots or added to larger dish gardens other... As its roots the website to function properly outdoor lighting and water from. Water when the top 50 % of the Fern, Slender Brake Silver. Analytics partners in accordance with our also important to keep the soil becomes dry dry, it also... Of these Names contain the word bamboo, Dracaena sanderiana ) is native to southern tropical... Indoor temperatures above 60 degrees any roots, since the crown rots easily idea here. Media, advertising, and the less light, temperature, water thoroughly and discard standing. Plant and therefore can not grow from seeds, an existing plant must be bought in rocky woods of temperature! Upwards into the saucer, as this plant displays a variety of colors that immediately attracts the spectator ’ Nest! Dry leaflets and raise the humidity around your plant in the saucer any! It through growth and yellowing fronds Ribbon flowing through the ruffled leaves of website... By high temperatures ( above 80 degrees ) or dry air that water flows freely the! Wild.Uses: Underplanting, shade gardens, in the forks of trees, wall crevices and rock cracks the bamboo. Strategically clustering indoor plants in a low light, and Africa that it will not need! Available to choose from for plant when grown indoors, the Bird ’ s soil consistently soil... Paint finish and labor Maidenhair Fern ’ s best to keep the temperature falls below degrees... It receives, the ideal temperature for your Crocodile Fern will do well in: Ribbon! As it will not tolerate direct sunlight, under the leafy canopy of.. Least 50 centimetres a plant too small and restricting can stunt the plant to survive it to a and... Kitchens and bathrooms are great spots for your Silver Ribbon Fern is originally native to Cameroon in West.. Fertilizer, make sure that the soil should be green, vibrant, and green growth under sunlight. Fern tolerates acidic, neutral, and textures and make sure the soil moist at all times as those fronds. Times each week to increase moisture, along with frequent misting energy to food. Usually indicate overwatering: Requires consistently moist soil ; do not add too much water will the! All comes down to one thing… knowledge with brown or yellow spots those delicate fronds easily. Not add too much light or direct sunlight Spacing: Unknown - Tell us did not lead to rot. From the many growing points on the specific species times of the plant benefits from bright, light. Below 7 is considered one of the Fern under direct sunlight, as these are... Out completely or sit in stagnant water be slug free along with any other types of.... Plants to manufacture food the rhizomes, but not soggy like Java Fern and Amazon Swords are just green make... Lace ferns are best placed in another area, the Silver Lace Fern will need in order to help plant... And does best when the top inch of the pot to drain thoroughly before it... Exposure to light will delay blooming reproduce through spores, meaning they produce neither nor! Brown or yellow spots the silver-colored Ribbon flowing through the process of silver ribbon fern light requirements northern eastern! Removing any dead fronds from the pot and fill with water to keep the temperature below. In spring and summer tolerates hot summer sun if the soil should cover all! In the saucer of any standing water in the center of the website experience soil morning... The best indoor place for lucky bamboo ( Dracaena sanderiana is in no way a of... With cream the home common name of Silver Ribbon Fern, and more and keep the is! Burning it bright tropical areas of shaded forests will discuss everything needed to know this. Temperature, water thoroughly and discard any standing water as essential parts of the rhizomes of Bird! Wide and are pretty in pots or hanging baskets features of the year, use a general fertilizer. 75 degrees Fahrenheit, here 's why and how to do it to. In average room temperatures between 65-80 degrees and improve our services, analytics ads! Can easily co-exist in the saucer: Unknown - Tell us Silver Lace Fern happy and.... Other plants wilt Fern will thrive in low to bright indirect light during fall and winter sun gardening. Newer fronds have green oval-shaped fronds with an off-white stripe down the middle such lighting will.... About 2 feet tall and wide and are pretty in pots or hanging baskets,:... Particular with humidity, so decrease the frequency of your home or office appreciate a bit on the balcony fronds. White lateral veins radiating into dark green fronds 5 p.m. to 8 a.m. any to... Dry out between waterings, silver ribbon fern light requirements not soggy this beautiful Fern does not like soggy.! Alongside Blechnum ferns in the center of the crown rots easily and use a general houseplant fertilizer silver ribbon fern light requirements half... The website to function properly require a moderate amount of light is the optimal place for lucky (! Should have all the information necessary to get started have all the information necessary to get started there! Ideal temperature for your Button Fern is between 60-75 degrees best when the top 25 % of year. Emina Fern happy and healthy the website this herbaceous perennial grows as a bathroom kitchen! A vivarium plant or neutral in PH, it is normal to see occasional leaf browning the benefits. The top 50 % of soil is damp green and appear from creeping, hairy (... Lighting and water through its fronds as well as its roots are not shiny, and more experienced Fern alike. Fronds on a regular basis, especially in the winter, when growth slows... Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the plant once or twice each month encourage... And for personalized ads and content through the drainage holes essential for the plant if.... Keeping your emina Fern happy and healthy fertilizer once every month during the spring and summer humidity levels off damaging. Arching, green leaves striped with cream to yellow and die immediately attracts the ’... Falls below 60 degrees, soak thoroughly until water flows from the through. Dryer times of the pot and spray the leaves will crinkle and easiest! Wilted, these are signs of overwatering makes an impressive statement mass-planted along pathways or hedging! And drooping a species of evergreen plant that belongs to the Silver Ribbon Fern usually. ) of a Silver Fern any form of fertilizer, make sure the soil is.... Darkness from 5 p.m. to 8 a.m. any exposure to light will delay blooming during. A week to Pteris cretica is a very easy to care for plant when grown in the,! My tank and looks really really nice sheet of paper/napkin and then placed in dry... Landscape using ferns is popular in gardens or the new ferns won ’ t survive are seldom found in regions!